Tuesday, May 12, 2020

How To Repurpose A Picture With New Quote

Hi Foxy Friends! Another craft for you today. The other day I came home and decided I was tired of looking at quote on my bathroom sign. This is what it was:

I really bought it because I liked the frame and the quote didn't bother me, so 9 years ago I bought it...but last week (I wrote up this post but never put the pictures, that I had already taken, in it, so really it was 3.5 months ago) I decided I wanted a new quote. So here is how I did it, and it was way easier than I thought it would be! This is what it turned into, I really love it.

DIY Wood frame sign

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What You'll Need:

Picture Frame with Quote (I would try to thrift one, something like this or this)
Cricut (Vinyl or stencil)
Chalk Paint
Paint Brushes


Step 1 - Remove middle from sign, I used a hammer with a cloth to protect the picture since I didn't have a rubber mallet.

At first I tried to sand down the front, but with hammering out the sign there was some nicks on the front and I didn't like it. So I used the back side of the frame. I figure no one was going to see the words on the other side, so it wasn't going to bother me that there was something there.

Clean slate.

Step 2 - Sand down and repaint your sign. I wanted a vintage look, to match what was already there. So I painted the sign white, then painted it black and added more white on top. I could have sanded down from there to get the look I wanted, but I did an okay job applying the top coat of paint, so no sanding needed. Woo hoo!

Step 3 - Make stencil using Cricut or some other cutting machine, I only know how to use the Cricut. Place stencil on the sign. Make sure you measure 5 million times and cut once, nothing is more annoying than having to re-cut something.

How to Stencil A Sign

Step 4 - Paint a THIN layer of polycrylic, this prevents the paint from seeping under the stencil. I've done this method with and without the polycrylic and found that it's best to do this step, but if you really have good contact with the stencil, this step is not necessary. I like that the Polycrylic bleeds under the stencil and dries clear, so you don't see it, then you get really crisp lines. See this video, I explain it a bit better.

Step 5 - Paint sign with thin layers of whatever color you are doing, I decided to go with black, remove vinyl pretty much immediately after last layer of paint. This part is tricky when the stencil is still wet and you're trying to remove it. You'll see I have a little black blob, but I'm okay with that.

Catholic faith sign

Faith Sign

Step 6 - Once dry, put back in sign. I tried to use the nails that came with the sign, but in the end I ended up taping it back together. No one sees the back side, it's light weight and worked for us.

Faith Sign

Tada, new sign ready to go!

Side note: Mini Fox was NOT happy that I re-did this sign and cried for a good 30 minutes over the lose of the other sign. So if you are going to change something in your house, better get to permission by your 6 year old, haha!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Best Lounge Wear And Other Favorite Things

Hi Foxy Friends! I know my posts have been few and far between. Every time I got to blog some little human needs my help with something. Then the day seems to get away from me, repeat everyday it seems. But I have been snagging all the great deals and I'm here to share them with you.

I realized very quickly that I don't have much lounge wear. I went to work 5 days a week, on most weeks, and then on the weekends we would be doing kid sports and going out with friends, so I didn't have a need for lounge wear. Well send a little quarantine my way and give me ALL the lounge wear.  I might have bought 3 new pairs of joggers, a few sweaters, some shorts and two pairs of leggings. and the joggers and leggings? From the same brand and if you don't have a pair of Vuori pants...you NEED to get a pair ASAP! I have a group text going and one of the ladies bought a pair, said how awesome they were and then the 11 other ladies bought multiple pairs in multiple orders. We all bought one then got them and realized we had to have them all!

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

This jacket is 40% off, and super cute with the stripe down the sleeve.

These leggings are plain black and so soft!

Then the weather got hot and the joggers made sense, so of course I had to get some shorts. The shorts are $15 and SO soft I bought 4 pairs...oops!

Old Navy keeps sucking me in too. They keep having these great sales, so I keep buying more stuff...darn you Old Navy! Staying on track with my comfy clothes...

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sentence A Day: March Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Yep, we're continuing on with Sentence a Day! Thank you Rebecca Jo for starting this, it's such a neat way to document life. Also thank you Leslie for always sending out the reminders.

1 - Mr. left for the week, which means me and the kids went to the movies and saw Sonic, it was way better than I thought!

2 - First day of the cleanse, questioning my life choices doing this cleanse while Mr. is on a buiness trip.

3 - I need to chew food, what made me think this bone broth cleanse was a good idea?

4 - Last day of the bone broth cleanse, I didn't die.

5 - Mini Fox is learning so much each horse back riding lesson, it's amazing.

6 - Friday Night Lights, so fun to hang with friends and watch the kids play football.

7 - Baseball game, followed by soccer game, followed by a charity gala for Thomas House, then we got donuts on the way home, yum!

8 - Laziest Sunday ever, man that time change was hard, got some crafts done and cooked some meatloaf for dinner.

9 - 3 miles on the treadmill for my 40 miles in 40 days, knee is sort of hurting, should probably start walking my miles from now on.

10 - Back to my Tuesday workout class and it feels good.

11 - Ran around Mini Fox's soccer field, is only .33 miles around...that's a lot of loops.

12 - Mr. had poker night tonight and everyone is talking about when school will be cancel, Mr. says under a week, someone else said 2 weeks.

13 - Well that didn't last long, school is cancelled for two weeks, and because of the rain Baby Fox's football is cancelled too, so our Friday night friends came to dinner at our place, it's been awhile.

14 - Things are getting weird, all sports were cancelled today, mostly becaues of the rain, but we ended up going to our Friday night friends house for dinner.

15 - Happy Birthday Mr., not a normal birthday, we decided to cancel birthday dinner with my parents and skip church because church has a lot of people in it, made marinated steak and roasted potatoes and Mr.'s favorite carrot cake for his birthday.

16 - Stayed home from work today to pick up Mini Fox's Leprechaun project material and get things sorted with the kids, wanted to create a fun school room, so we made up a school name and made a school room.

17 - I went into work and Mr. was the kids teacher, Mr. C and the kids had a fab first day of home school.

note: we happened to have workbooks for the kids for summer, so we had them do them now, since the school didn't have any work for them to do yet.

18 - I am no longer going into work, going to work from home until the kids go back to school, I'm thinking at least after Spring break, even though they said they would go back after two weeks.

19 - Home school is going well, the kids are loving it, we have a schedule that they are following.

20 - Fun Friday, the kids wrote about how they thought it was going so far, we opened a Stuffed Animal Surgery Center, made cookies and watched Lord of the Rings and I had our first Zoom MNO, much needed and good to hear from other people going through the same thing.

I fell off the sentence train, but I have been doing weekly quarantine updates, so check those out.

We started quarantining on March 15th, so here is the end of week 1 update.

End of week 2, which brings us to the end of this month. Wow March seemed like it lasted FOREVER! Here's to another month, I've decided since I am doing a pretty good recapping the week or what we have been doing, I'm going to write things that I'm grateful for each day instead for our next sentence a day.

What have you been grateful for today? Join us next month with a sentence a day, any sentence you want.
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Monday, April 6, 2020

Week 3: Quarantine Life

Hi Foxy Friends! Another week past, the days seem to all be the same. I feel like we really are living Groundhogs Day...anyone else?

Monday, March 30th, started our 2nd week of distance learning. We're getting into the groove of it, and it's a bit better now that the kids know what to expect. After doing some zoom conference calls with their teachers, we finished up the birthday sign for a friend that was doing a drive by our house. Happy we could bring a little happiness in a quarantine birthday.

After some more work and end of the school day, we went to the park to get some sunshine and bike riding, and I actually put make up on, first time in over 2 weeks, felt sort of nice.

The basketball court was taken, so we played some football. Mini Fox was all the time offense. Here are the kids plotting out their play against me.

Mini Fox is a little beast, she tackled Baby Fox, haha.

Have I told her she came up with her own WWE name...The Worm. She came up with it a few years ago, and refers to herself in the third person when she is "The Worm". She's fearless.

Baby Fox has been working on his basketball game, and is getting better each day.

Tuesday another good friend had a birthday so we were able to use the same sign, shhh, don't tell them we did. We changed out the name and some decorations, but it worked out. We drove over to their house to drop it off in the front yard before breakfast.

After we got back, we ate breakfast and did some school work.

Lunch time.

The kids have laid out this blanket next to me and have dubbed it the ST Math corner...I have no idea why they like laying on a hard surface to do math work, but hey, whatever works for them. When it is sunny out, the sun is right there and they love that.

April 1st, the kids have been planning this prank for the last year! Last year they found out you can play tricks on each other and they came up with this a year ago. They had me switch them in their beds, so when Mr. went to wake them up they would be in the wrong beds. They thought it was hilarious.

Tricking Daddy is their favorite. They kept waiting for a trick on them. Mr. moved each other's stuffed animals into the others room, they didn't like that, haha!

Snapped a photo of the kids in the ST Math corner.

After school and work we headed to the park again. When I got dressed Mini Fox saw what I was wearing and put on the same thing, so cute.

Then she wanted some pictures of just her.

Mini Fox has been OBSESSED with Mr.'s robe. Wearing it everywhere, and even using it as covers at night. Plus she has also figured out how to wrap her hair in a towel...are we sure she's just 6?

Thursday was my and Mr.'s 15th wedding anniversary. Definitely didn't celebrate how we normally would, but happy to be with family and all healthy.

Baby Fox did his first karate Zoom lesson, seemed to work out pretty well.

Just after we put the kids to bed, we snapped a picture, had to document we were actually together on our anniversary. Mr. ended up going to Trader Joe's and bought all of my favorite cheeses and some yummy goodies, like chocolate covered pretzels, my favorite peanut butter cups and a cheesecake, yum!

Friday was my day off, so while the kids were in their zoom conferences, I talked with my mom. Does anyone else get this view when talking to their parents?

I felt like our vacuum hasn't been working great for a while now. But hadn't had time to try and fix it. Last week I took out all of the filters and washed them and waited for them to dry and put them back in. It helped a bit, but didn't really work. Mr. then stepped in and worked on it, and I told him I thought it had something to do with the hose, but there were no holes or leaks...he ended up using our shop vac to try and get some stuff he saw in there...and out popped this guy! Vacuum all fixed, and I couldn't be happier. I vacuumed to my hearts content, it's the small things in life...

I made this shirt for myself after seeing it, and my friend wanted me to make her one too, so she bought a sweater and had it sent to my house and I made her one too.

Friday night we did our weekly girls zoom meeting, we all look forward to Friday nights for sure. Not sure what I thought was so amazing, haha!

Saturday we decided to get a change of scenery and go to a different park that had a big field and what we thought was a small forest behind it to walk around in. We really thought it was just a garden of some sort, turns out it's a HUGE hiking area with at on of trails. We brought the kids bikes, so they biked around while we walked and it worked out great. There weren't too many people so we were able to keep our distance and it was nice to get out of our house and our park.

Often times the kids would be up ahead of us and would stop every once in a while for us to catch up, this time they decided it was snack time.

We were looking for this maze, and after a bit we found it.

Saw Mama, Dad and baby duckies.

After we got home, I tried to  make some face masks, and we watched Onward on Disney+ and it was super cute.

Sunday we watched Palm Sunday from our church at home. Palm Sunday is my favorite day to attend church.

Cuddling while attending church isn't too bad though.

Sunday was sort of a lazy day, but at 1pm, we had a friend gift us a character chat and it was so cool. The kids picked a Storm Trooper and got 10 minute to talk to him. It was pretty awesome.

We tried to go to the park, but I felt like there were too many people there, so we came home and spent some time in the backyard.

My face masks cutout...each time gets a bit better. I think third times the charm and after my third one I'll have it down.

So that ends week 3 of this quarantine. This week is Spring Break and I really can't wait to not have to do school stuff. Now if only this rain would go away so the kids can go outside to enjoy their Spring Break a bit.