Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blog Year in Review - Part 2

Happy New Year! Some of us at The Blended Blog decided that it would only be appropriate to recap the year. Everyone probably has a different take on it, but I decided since I already did a review on my favorite DIY projects this year that I would review what I wanted to accomplish this year.

I never really said this out loud, but a few years ago I wanted to work on upping my jewelry game. I never wore any jewelry, ever, surprising I know right? 2014 was spent working on my wardrobe, along with this year. I got a LOT Of help from Alison, but while doing the challenges I think I sort of found my style a little bit and realized that I was growing out of the Style Challenges*. As much as I love them, two of the 4 seasons just weren't for me. I might go back and do another Spring Challenge, but for the most part California only gets one season, and that's mid 70's. This year besides focusing on clothes, I also wanted to try and focus on make-up and really learn how to apply it. I watch a TON of youtube videos.

Some of my favorite Challenge outfits this year were:

Spring 2015 Challenge  Outfits

Summer 2015 Challenge Outfits

Day 4 / Day 7Day 16 

Fall 2015 Challenge Outfits

Some of my favorite outfits that I put together.

I found a love of jean vests this year, I am definitely going to incorporate them more next year!

My first pair of camo pants, I wasn't on board, but the more I saw them, the more I wanted them, and I finally found the perfect pair. They are oh so comfy and I want to wear them all the time, and they really do go with everything!

And then of course I discovered plaid shirts this year. I had one last year, but I didn't really start wearing them until recently. I love them oh so much and I want them all!

And of course all of the Walking Boot Outfits

That's my outfit review of the year, in one post. I can't wait to see what I put together next year. Now go check out all of the other ladies!

Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy | Daily Style Finds

Have a great New Years tonight! We're keeping it low key, since Mini Fox is getting over being sick. Everyone stay safe and I'll see you in the new year!


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Baby Fox!

And I'd like to wish Baby Fox a Happy Birthday! I can't believe he's 5 years old! Where did the time go?

Head on over The Blended Blog to read about my Christmas Memory, which of course is his birth! A day I will never soon forget.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

2016 Hair Challenge Announcement

Yep you read the right! After my semi-successful Hair Challenge I did with Vanessa earlier this year, I decided to not make it just a week long challenge but a year long challenge! That's right, I'm challenging myself to do my hair 52 times. Now it doesn't have to be 52 different hair styles, I'm just trying to get myself out of the: I just leave my hair down or throw it in a ponytail. Actually come to think of it, I mostly leave it down. I'm really hoping that by doing this challenge that I'll actually learn how to do some cool things with my hair.

Let me know if you want to co-host with me, I think I'll post my hair from the week on Wednesdays, maybe with an outfit or two. First link-up will be on January 6, 2016! So get your hair ready and link up some ideas I can steal. I already know I want to try one of Deena's hair styles she did in hair challenge earlier this year (I tried to find it on her blog, but then started reading all of her old posts and well...I never found it, so Deena, remember that video you did with how you throw your hair up really quick, it was super pretty please!)

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What I Wore - Imagine a Boot

Hello! I know super late posting today, but we got to wrapping gifts last night, well Mr. was wrapping the gifts, I was cleaning up and working on Baby Fox's birthday cake topper. I hope it comes out, because the decorating tip I was using had a fight with the garbage disposal and well...things didn't go well for my decorating tips, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I do this...I use a tip and it goes down the disposal, need to go get some more, STAT.

Anyway, off topic. So I actually got dressed up on Saturday, did my make-up and forgot to take an outfit post. My last walking boot outfit...BUT, I do have the outfit that I did wear, it was a suggestion from Alison from last years Winter Challenge.

But imagine a walking boot, a silver statement necklace, and a black TOM wedge look-a-like.

Guess what happened yesterday? I got out of my walking boot! Kicked it to the curb! Instead I got this lovely thing, hear the sarcasm?

I would almost prefer the boot, it barely fits in my tennis shoe, what outfit could I possibly wear for Christmas with workout shoes? Okay he did say I could wear regular shoes, but most of the shoes I own are heels...what to do, what to do...
Anyway, while I figure that out, come back tomorrow for a big announcement! Nope I'm not pregnant...keep on guessing.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Blended Blog Christmas Exchange

Hello! I know, I've missed a few days here, unplanned. I was really planning on posting on Friday, but Thursday I was just tired and couldn't get my act together, then the weekend happened and we went to my cousin's that is 100 miles away, so 200 miles round trip in one evening, then we left for LEGOLAND first thing Sunday morning. But today I'm excited to be blogging about another Christmas exchange I participated in with some of The Blended Blog ladies.

I got an awesome gift from Alison from Puppies and Pretties.

First let's talk that cute towel. It was packaged on top and the first thing I saw. So, so cute right?

But wait, it gets better, I opened it up after I took this picture and guess what? There were 4 foxes on it!

I got this picture after this guy tried to photobomb my picture.

And then I noticed the cute pom poms on the bottom. I was using it in my kitchen and was going to take a photo of it on our oven, but then Mini Fox dumped a cup of water on the kitchen table and tried to clean it up before we noticed...yep, with that towel, so it was soaked and couldn't get a picture.

yep I folded it back up to show you the pom poms
Alison also sent me this cute fox spoon rest...SOO much better than the plain white one I had.

Then she sent me all of these cute soaps, she must have known my kids love Mickey and Minnie because these soaps are so cute. And the other one smell amazing, and will going into the downstairs bathroom for all of our Christmas Dinner guests (22 if you wanted to know).

There you have it, a beautiful box, just for me from Alison! Thank you so much Alison for the very thoughtful gift! Now go check out what I got Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe! I tried to find something she wouldn't normally buy herself, but I thought she would look great in! I hope it fits. Else I hope she can get the correct size.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

4 Day Weekend

Hi guys! We are at Legoland for a couple of days so no recap today. I didn't think they would have free wifi, so no computer. Currently writing this from my phone  and sitting in a dark hotel room waiting for the kids to fall asleep. It's hilarious and so entertaining.

First, neither kids took a nap today.

Second, it is currently 8:30

Mini Fox: Coco (what she calls him) where are you? 

Baby Fox: (no answer)

Mini Fox: Coco what are you doing?!?

Baby Fox: (no answer)

Mini Fox: Coco, where are you?

Baby Fox: (whispered voice) in the top bunk.

Mini Fox: oh, I am in my crib.

Then repeat this same conversation a few more times. Kids, they are so funny. 

See you tomorrow for our blogging Christmas exchange post!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Cheer Blog Swap

Linking up with Vanessa for the Christmas Cheer Box Swap.
I actually got Vanessa, so head on over to her blog to find out what I got her! Penny from Penny's Passions got me, and here's what she gave me.
She got me a cute snowman card. This was the sentiment inside.
The gingerbread houses are so cute, a whole village, we'll have fun doing those soon.
The snowman measuring spoons are so cute, they're currently sitting on my counter right next to my stove.
And these festive bells are hanging on the door to the cabinet where I keep our photo albums. I knew I didn't want to put it somewhere that we opened a lot because they are loud! I think they make this spot look a little more festive.
Thanks Penny for all the great things to make me smile and enjoy that it's the Christmas season!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What I Wore - Boot Edition

Happy Hump Day friends!

So just going to warn you, super tired today, woke up at 3:30am to get to work, and it's currently 9:42pm and I'm running on empty. And slightly sick...let's throw a pity party. Okay not really. I did managed to get dressed again this weekend, with full make-up and go out, woo hoo! So I took an outfit post in a room full of people because the Christmas Tree was Gorgeous!

I bought this top a bit ago at H&M I believe...either that or Forever 21...seriously can't remember, I went into both stores one right after another at a mall I don't normally go to/ever been to, so I can't remember which was on which side of the mall. Anyway, not the point, as soon as I saw it I HAD to have it, I mean cute foxes on a blouse? Come on, too cute!

I admit it was near the end of the party, but I say there were still at least 20 people there, yes they did sort of stare, see what I won't do for you?

One of my favorite skirts, it has pockets, it goes with anything because it's black and I wore it to the same party a couple of years ago with a different shirt, shhh, don't tell anyone.

You can sort of see the foxes in this picture, I just love it so much, and the back is has cute buttons too, forgot to take pictures of that, oops!

I realized when I got home I had to take my earrings off because Mini Fox was pulling on them, so I put them back in so you could get the full affect. No lipstick, 5 hours later, it was downstairs, hehe.

okay I had some random things to talk about, but too tired to think. Maybe Friday, yea Friday.

Hope you all have a good day! Back to working from home tomorrow, phew, get to sleep in till 6:30! woo hoo!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another Recap on a Tuesday

Weekend recap on a Tuesday. If you missed it Courtney, Beth and I gave you a tour of our houses decorated for Christmas. Click here if you want to see how I decorated my house!

Mr. had to pretty much study again all weekend, so Saturday morning I made a big breakfast and a friend and her daughter came over to play. She was also dropping off her gifts she bought for Thomas House adopt a family, click here for what they are all about. Another friend is picking up my stuff and my friends stuff today!

If you look in the water where the girls are looking, there is a little mermaid that is actually swimming around down there.

Look at me, I'm walking! For short periods without a boot, yay!

After our friends left, we decided to build our Giner Bread House. The kids had a blast!

They take their work very seriously.

I think he ate more than he decorated with.

She had a blast!

Since we had a late breakfast, lunch was small. But decided to have some fun with their lunch. Can you tell what they are? Hint, it's not the same thing :)

Put the kids down for an early nap because we were headed out to a Christmas Party in LA! We were still mega late, but hey it's a Christmas party, people show up when they can right?

They had a balloon artist there, and man this guy was GOOD!

This was the Little Mermaid, but she was so excited she couldn't hold still.
After that was Christmas cookie decorating, so much fun for the kids.

She just liked to put the frosting on, and never ate the cookie.

He just put all of the frosting in his bag on his cookie and then ate the whole thing!

The balloon guy made Mini Fox a crown balloon, she loved it.

And of course the girls were melting down, but had to get a picture before we left...oops, should have done this at the beginning of the night! Our girls are only 6 weeks apart, fun being pregnant with a pseudo cousin.

Back at home now and she's all smiles, showing off her balloon things.

Sunday was another all day study day for Mr. He didn't get all of Saturday because of the party, so I took the kids to a birthday party, they had a blast and were sad to leave.

Birthday girl. I met her mom at Nordstrom! Seriously, our kids are only 2 weeks apart, and we met while nursing our kids when they were newborns in the Nordstrom nursing room. We shared a love for shopping, after feeding our kids we went off and went shopping together and have been friends ever since!

Afterwards we tried to stay away so I took them to lunch at Corner Bakery.

I asked her to take a picture, this is what she did, goofster.

I bribed her with a cookie. No she didn't eat the whole thing.

He told me he wanted me to take a picture of his shirt, front and back for my aunt to gave it to him.

Did a little shopping, didn't find anything, darn it!

Some naps happened and then some relaxing and watching tv, while we found out that our oven is broken because it took 1.5 hours to cook our meatloaf...grrr. And we're having 23 people over for Christmas dinner! Yikes, calling the guy right now! And I have Christmas cookies to make for this weekend, I really hope it's something he can fix and soon!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?
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