Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trying Outside the Norm

I'm wearing 3 different colors, well 5 counting the dots on the shirt and my shoe color. I *think* this works, but not completely sure. I didn't get any weird comments at work, or strange looks so it must be okay. I think it needs a belt or something, but have yet to find that perfect belt. Maybe in the near future.


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    1. By the way, thank you for your last comment and asking about my makeup. I will try to put together a tutorial on the blog, even though, it's really not that in depth, ha.

      Also, make sure you turn off your "no-reply" function so that I can respond to your comments directly via email! :)

      xo, Yi-chia
      Always Maylee

  2. LOVE LOVE the polka dot top! GREAT look :)

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