Monday, February 4, 2013

1 Year and Still a Miracle

Last year for the Super Bowl, my aunt was sitting in a hospital room waiting for a heart. Note: Super Bowl Sunday has a large amount of car accidents. She got the call at 9pm, that someone in her area was a match and she was going to get a new heart! Had she gone into heart failure any other time of the year, she would have probably died due to lack of hearts. While it's sad that someone's family suffered such a great loss, I have to be happy that we got my aunt for more time.

Pre-new heart
Making her famous margaritas
My mom and her laughing so hard they're crying (my mom would kill me if she knew I posted this)
She was a marathon runner, thought 12 miles was a "short" run and lived life to the fullest. I couldn't think of anyone that deserves a heart more.

Here she is at Thanksgiving 2012, 9 months later. Doesn't she look great?

And at my cousin's baby shower, 11 months post heart.
Aunt, Cousin, Cousin/Mama-to-be, Aunt, Aunt, Cousin
We are so happy that we get to celebrate more holidays and more family milestones together.

I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my mom. She's the best Mom a girl could ask for. Hope you have a happy happy birthday Mom!

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  1. One of my oldest and dearest friends had a heart transplant. It is truly a miracle and saved his life. So happy your aunt received the gift of life as well.

  2. Such a miracle that they can save a life that way. And happy birthday to your mom!