Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Wednesday

Okay, so I don't have an outfit post today. I have been uninspired lately. I wore this outfit yesterday that could have been something, but it really needed a scarf, so it didn't get photographed. So we'll just skip to the random things I've been thinking:

I finally got my wedding ring professionally cleaned after 3 years of not doing so. Life just seemed to get in the way, I know bad excuse, but the other day Mr. and I found ourselves without the baby and slightly early to something, so we ran over to the jewelers to get my ring cleaned and boy does it sparkle now! Wish I had a picture I could share!

Random fact about me: I have gotten my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks for the past 10 years, with the same lady for the past 8. I know, right, I try not to think about how much money I spend on them. I have these weird eyebrows that if you pluck 1 wrong hair, they look funky...I'd rather spend the money every 3 weeks then look funky. Every once in a while I will go 4 weeks, and I look like bush woman...seriously, you need a weed whacker.  No joke!

Baby Fox has started to actually eat more than just pureed food, can I get an Amen?! Which reminds me of how far we've really come. This is his first time trying carrots. He's almost 7 months old here.

This picture makes me giggle EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. How can you not?

Tonight we're off to get some ashes, hopefully Baby Fox doesn't cause a ruckus in church.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Speaking of, I need to get my rings cleaned too. I love the way they sparkle afterwards. We went to church tonight too, but Cullen was not having it with the ashes. He kept whispering "Mommy, I DO NOT want dirt on my head!"

  2. Ahh it's the best when you get your ring cleaned and it sparkles like crazy! That photo of him trying carrots is too funny! And adorable.

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