Thursday, November 14, 2013


I shop at Nordstrom's - for those that don't frequent, aka Nordies. And I just discovered one more reason to love them even more, so I thought I would share it with you.

1) They have the best most fantastic return policy. I mean seriously, I order hundreds of dollars online, mostly because I'm ordering 2 sizes in everything, and they take it back no problems asked. I like returning to the store so that I can shop around some in my book. Oh and there is really no time limit on when you need to return.

2) On their website you can search by price (love that you can specify sale items), size, color, brand, etc. what better way to shop than to search for exactly what you want. Plus the extra stuff on the side bar sort of helps too - it says "hey if you don't like that you might like this" Some people find it annoying, I like it cause sometimes you just don't see that option.

3) Their women's half yearly sale, what gets better then getting stuff on mega sale. They have the sale going on right now, in case you wanted to know.

4) And I just found one more reason to love this store...they are actually celebrating Thanksgiving, they aren't opening on Thanksgiving day for people to shop, they are letting people stay at home with their families and hang out and be thankful for each other and everything around them.

Now get to shopping at Nordies we want them to keep bringing on the good deals.


  1. i never go there but i like all those things! especially the not being open on thanksgiving!

  2. I bought a bridemaids dress from there and the zipper got caught, but they took it right back. Love it!