Thursday, February 6, 2014

Celebrating My Mama

Tuesday was my Mom's birthday. I already told you we celebrated with dinner and a movie on Saturday night.

In reality my mom is a hair taller then I am, I love tall shoes!
I had been working on a craft with the kids, handprint flowers. They turned out fantastic! Tutorial coming tomorrow.

Baby Fox couldn't wait to give them to her, so he gave them to her a day early. He's waiting for her and Ampa (my Dad) to come pick him up for the library and lunch.

 Monday night Baby Fox and I made Nana a cake

Yes I actually let my 3 year old use a hand mixer, he thought it was the most awesome thing ever
What's a cake without decorations? White and pink sprinkles. Mini Fox wanted in on the action too, but she needs to work on her hand/eye coordination.

 The finished product (the M&M's spell out NANA)

Nana loved her surprise cake and the fact that Baby Fox made and decorated it for her.

And of course Baby Fox had to help blow out the candles

Happy Birthday Nana, here's to many more birthday celebrations and cake making/decorating. We thank God everyday that we have such a wonderful Mom/Nana, who loves us unconditionally and will do anything for us. We hope we helped to make your day a little more special.


  1. Oh, how sweet! Loved the pic of your little one with the mixer.

  2. Aww that cake is so cute! I am sure she had such a special day because of all you did!