Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Haven't done one of these in a while, so here it goes.

It started off with my finishing my first week (really three days) back to work - start back on a Tuesday have Friday off, yes please! Nothing better then taking some pictures with my kids and sister

Friday we had a playdate, but didn't take any pictures, was having too much fun I suppose.

Saturday, if you haven't done this, then go do it March 1, Home Depot has a free kids workshop class, you get an apron, pins after finish the project and takes about an hour of free crafting, yes please! This month it was a race car, next month is a Trojan horse.

Cause you know everyone sucks their fingers while using a hammer right?

That night we went to dinner with my parents and my sister for the first time since before Baby Fox was born, so it's been a while. It was nice chatting and not being distracted by a 3 year old. Even though the conversation always landed back on the kids. My mom picked The Crab Cooker, it was literally this small little place, with a small menu, paper plates, napkins and plasticware.

They only serve seafood, and have 3 or 4 sides, it's straight forward, but they know what they're doing and it's good. I got the shrimp skewer. Yes that's full of shrimp, they packed those suckers on there!

The only side they had that I could eat was tomatoes so that's what I got, double order

Mr. got the swordfish, coleslaw and the round thing is cheese potato something or other, that he said was delicious.

So we went to dinner and were done about 6pm, we were NOT going home. First time out in a while and we were not going home before bedtime. So we ended up at the movies. We saw Jack Ryan, so good, you should go see it, nice action flick, and watching Chris Pine for a whole movie...not too shabby either.

Funny story, mom sister and I both wore green pants and pink tops (well hers was a shawl, but close enough), great minds think alike. I had a black top on too, but decided against it last minute, thankfully!

Sunday, Superbowl - okay so the game wasn't great, but the company was. I have a lot of cousins and our family has gotten too big to do the holidays together like we used to, so it's up to our generation to stop using our parents as our social calender and plan stuff on our own. We had a blast and are planning more cousin days, especially now that our kids are getting to the age where they like playing together.

There was only one cousin (from this generation) missing. We were sad she couldn't be there, next time though.

Poor Mini Fox, Baby Fox really wanted to hold her, but we thought the 7 year old was a better choice.

Back at work, after Mini Fox decided not to sleep last night, 3.5 hours sleep makes this Mama really tired to start her first full 5 day week back to work rough. I keep reminding myself, this time is so short, you won't remember how awful the lack of sleep was in a few years, right?

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  1. HOpe back to work is going well! Glad you had a fun night out. I love that you were matching, too funny!

  2. You have such a big family, what a blessing! Congrats on going back to work mama!