Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Hookerish Shoes

Remember when I told you I was doing this? The list came out on April 4th, and we had 10 days to get everything bought and ready to go. Let me tell you, I had so much fun shopping with Mr. to find everything. Best Anniversary gift EVER! Alison sent that oh so exciting email on Sunday at 5pm and I admit I was super excited and went online at 5pm to see what the first outfit would be. Getting dressed at 4:30am has never been so exciting!

Here is my "haul", minus a few things that I haven't been able to find yet. Who knew finding a neutral flat would be so hard? I'm waiting on my leopard flats in the mail, keeping fingers crossed it goes better than the neutral ones I ordered that didn't work out, boo! 

Oops forgot to add in my chambray shirt, can you believe I didn't own one? I am finally a proud owner, but I guess not proud enough to remember it was on the list was I hurriedly pulled everything out of my closet to take this picture.
 I know you can't wait, so here are the first two outfits!

Day 1:

The first day included our leopard flats, but since mine haven't come yet I decided to go with my neutral wedges. I do have some leopard heels, but with this outfit it made everything look "hookerish", seriously, it was like who wears those kinds of shoes with that outfit? (see those hookerish shoes in my next outfit, though)

I added a belt and statement necklace in green to try and pull everything together.

Day 2:

I try not to wear jeans to work during the week, so instead of the skinny jeans I decided to go with some slacks, and you know what? I discovered I don't own a pair of black crazy is that?! So I had to pair the button up and cardi with my gray pants, while not my favorite, I think it worked.
I sort of felt like a librarian all day, pull my hair in a bun, give me some glasses and there ya go.

Here are those hookerish shoes

I know you want a mega close up of them too.

So far I'm having a ton of fun with this challenge. It gets me excited to get up and get dressed in the morning, and its making me think about pairing things together outside of the box, so Thank you Alison for helping me and my styling challenged self! I'm meeting a ton of great ladies and can't wait to see what the next 19 outfits you have in store for us!

A few of the ladies doing the challenge decided to do a little link party to share with each other how we're styling our new wardrobe, so click on the links below and give them some love!

Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz
Jordan @ Just Jordan 

Mr. takes all of my outfit posts. It's sometimes interesting to see what pictures he takes after he hands the camera back, this is one of them. If you know Mr. he loves taking pictures of my rear, seriously, so many times I'll be going through vacation pictures and see that he's taken a picture of my backside...weirdo or maybe he's just a man who loves his wife's rear...


  1. I LOVE the teal and pink on you!!!! It's a combo I'd never think to do but it looks awesome!

  2. I also love the teal! Especially the necklace. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi, stopping by from the I Fell Pretty link-up. 2 Great outfits. You look very put-together. I love both shirts and both shoes. =)

  4. Great outfits! This is so much fun! Can't believe we are only 3 days in!

  5. Your day 2 outfit is soooo beautiful. I must try that colour combo!

  6. The side comments about the Mr are so cute! A great glimpse into the personal life :) Love the super high shoes, wish I could rock them, too!!

  7. LOVE the title of this post and your super cute outfits! Hilarious comments about your Mr.!

  8. I like your outfits and especially some of your specific items. The blouse and shoes from day 2 are absolutely great. The necklace on day 1 is very pretty - love the color.

  9. I love your day 2 outfit! I love how the pink and teal go together!

  10. Sarah- I thought I should get myself over and check out your blog since you all are letting me join the Style Me Challenge link. Your son's room is adorable! I loved all the outfits on you - great job!