Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Weekend

As you all know, I was busy all last week doing birthday stuff! I actually feel for once that I was ahead of the game on this one. I wasn't frantically running around trying to get last minute things together. Which was a nice switch, not much procrastination for this girl...write that one down in the books! Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures. I do all this prep and then forget to take pictures.I guess that means I was having a good time celebrating, and enjoying friends and family.

Thursday I took a half day of work, but the best part of working from home? Getting the morning snuggles from this girl.

Thursday night I finished this...I absolutely love the way it came out!

Friday my Dad came over to help with Mini Fox so I could get stuff done.

My mom had to drive out to a doctors appointment, but before she left, she stopped by to help me to go the flower shop to pick out flowers.

LOL, it looks like Mini Fox only has one leg

My sister came over later to help decorate too, this is her and Baby Fox telling each other secrets. He's currently telling her that his best friend is O and he's in love with J...oy, I'm in trouble!

It was hot, hot, hot on Friday, so Mr. took the kids swimming while I got some more party stuff done in the house.

Now that the back yard was a little shaded, the boys put up the shade.

The hammer was a little heavy but he told us if he put it on his shoulder it was easier to carry.

Cuteness overload!

This is the headband I made for Mini Fox for her party, but she doesn't like headbands any! But I got a quick blurry snap of it at least.

Saturday - Party day! Yay! Everything was set and ready to go in time. Thanks for some family for last minute help.

More pictures as soon as I get the pictures from my friend, I'll recap the whole party. I hope she got some good detail photos, we'll see, fingers crossed, cause mine didn't turn out that great! Next time I throw a party, I need to remember to get better pictures instead of just walking around taking quick snaps of things.

That night we went over to my parents house to watch the ND game and eat dinner. Family selfie! Gotta love my family for indulging me in my obsessive picture taking.

Sunday was spent cleaning up and recovering.

This picture cracks me up, it's kazoo lips.

While waiting for everyone to get there to open gifts, a family selfie

Baby Fox requested to be put upside down
This girl loves her some clothes...I'm in trouble! She had a death grip on her clothes and wouldn't let us touch them.

We asked her where brother was, she takes a break from her clothes, and points to Baby Fox, it was hilarious.

 After gifts the kids took a nap, I took a nap on Mr. while he watched football, the perfect afternoon.

It's scorching hot here right now. Swimming was definitely in the cards for us.

Yep, it's 100° out and Baby Fox decided he wanted footie PJ's...crazy man.

And just because I like this picture, I'll end with it.

 Here's to being lazy the rest of the week and trying to stay cool. Currently at my house it's 102° with 27% humidity...ugh.

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  1. Is it bad that I am excited that I now know Mini Fox's real name?

  2. Oh my gosh your party looked adorable! Great theme and good job on the DIY things. Sounds like you had a great weekend:).

  3. Awe! Snuggles in jammies, is there anything better?

    xo, Megan Ann