Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Feathers and Flowers

I've had this skirt from Loft for a while now, but have never paired it like this before. I'm not entirely sure the scarf goes, but it was comfy and I didn't feel like wearing a necklace, ever feel like that? But I like how the skirt seems like polka dots from afar, but in reality they are little feathers (or what looks like feathers?)

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Some Randoms:


Remember how I told you I went to my college for an Alumni BBQ? Well they are having a photo contest. I would be forever grateful if you guys could just click the link and like the picture via your FB account. It's that easy, no signing up, nothing. I win a giftcard to Amazon. The top 4 spots win, currently I am 5th and 6th...thanks guys, you are the best! I have until October 6th. Here's the link:

and this is the picture I submitted for Baby Fox

 Mini Fox also got some action, here's her link:

and her picture I submitted


We're all set for Halloween at our house, okay we have the outfits and no decorations, but the cute outfits are what counts right?

I love that they are matching. I was going to get Mini Fox a pink pair, but Baby Fox insisted that they match.


Finally Mr. is on board with online shopping obsession, habit love. This makes me so excited, he finally understands. He's been buying a ton of polo shirts trying to figure out a brand that fits him. We've found a few new brands to add to the list, he says that shopping online and getting that little email that says your package is on the way, is like Christmas everyday. Yes he's been getting packages almost everyday.


Love taking him on errands and letting him do stuff like this. He loves it and it gets him to go with me on errands. It's really sad, this mall we went to is in the process of getting a make over, but first they need to get rid of a lot of the tenants, so half of the stores are closed and there hasn't been a food court since we moved here 5 years ago. Hopefully whatever/whenever they upgrade it, it makes this place awesome, it's so close to our we could walk...although right now, there aren't any of my stores in it that I shop at, so I guess that's a good thing.

Such a boy, going the hard way in - through the window of course.


Taylor & Helene are doing a Blogtober14, while I can't promise I can do it everyday...I will participate when I can. 

Today's prompt: If I'd won the lottery I would...I'm going to go ahead and assume it's in the millions, like take home of at least 10 million (you know after those pesky taxes and stuff I want at least 10 million), hehe
  • Pay off our house
  • Put money away for our kids college fund
  • Get new cars
  • Travel the world...once the kids get a little older (hey I'm realistic), traveling across the world with a 4 year old and 1 year old? No thanks, plus they're not going to remember, we have to at least start doing this cool stuff when they can remember
  • In the mean time, we'll just go to Hawaii, and go skiing/snowboarding in cool places. I want to snowboard at Whistler, ski in/ski out lodging a must, obviously.
  • But some rental properties, might as well have our money make money for us.  
  • Quit my job, but still keep our daycare situation :) 
  • Since I don't have a job, find a philanthropy that speaks to my heart.
What would you do with 10 million? 

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  1. You are just the cutest Sarah! I love that skirt too and the scarf! I went to that link to like some of your photos but you just click the like under the picture because if I try to like the actual photo it won't let me.
    Good luck chica!!

    1. Thanks! And yes you click the like under the picture in FB, they just did a screen grab on my IG account. Thanks!

  2. Such a great look - I Love your floral scarf! Fabulous fall ensemble!

  3. You look like you have such a happy family! I love the mix of colours in your scarf plus the bright tee with black and white skirt. A fab combination!

  4. Cute outfit, Sarah. I can see some Alison inspiration in your outfit. Looking forward to the fall challenge. Hope you've had a great day!

  5. love that skirt! super cute!
    voted for your little cutie ;)

  6. I love the scarf with the skirt!!! And I love the whole outfit. Going to vote on your pictures now!! I hope you win!! Those photos are too adorable. And I love what you’d do with the money if you won the lottery! I would like to travel the world, too. But right now!