Monday, December 15, 2014

Help I'm Alone!

This weekend was a semi-lazy one. Mr. was gone, so it was just me and the kids. I don't know about you, but when Mr. is gone I just stay up too late, so I'm super tired today. Note to self, don't do that tonight! I need some sleep!

Friday after work, I took a jog with the kids around the park. Our park has a quarter mile loop, so Baby Fox rode his bike for 2 laps and then I ran with Baby Fox on the front of the stroller for the other 4 loops. It was threatening to rain and people kept looking at my funny, like they had never seen anyone run before.

Saturday was pretty lazy, we went to Costco. Mini Fox's first time in the cart with her brother. Usually there is only one seat and that goes to Baby Fox, so I usually wear her with the Ergo, but Costco knows where it's at, and usually if you're shopping there, you have more than 1 kid. Suffice to say she loved it!

She also loved all of the samples. She really wanted the pita chips I got, but those aren't really going to work with only 2.5 teeth.

Love when they do this.

After Costco we headed out to the mall for a few things, we stopped at the olive oil and vinegar store. Baby Fox loves this place. If you need a unique gift for a chief in your life, order from them. Once you get their aged balsamic vinegar, you'll never want to go back to anything else.

He was trying the raspberry balsamic vinegar

After nap time we headed out to a Christmas party.

Mini Fox stone face as usual

They converted their garage into a play ground for the awesome is that?

They had the pizza people there was awesome!

They just continually brought out pizza until they had to leave. They even made me a cheeseless one, and it was awesome.

A bit after we got there, guess who showed up?

Yep that's right, Santa Clause! She was okay with him in my arms and the light up ring...

But then...not so much.

So I jumped in there instead

Party throwers, man these people know how to throw a good party :) So happy I get to call them family. Our girls are 6 weeks apart too.

Love this picture of her!
  One last picture with Santa before he leaves

Baby Fox wore these when he was 1, and now Mini Fox gets to rock them. It says "Best Gift Ever" so true!

Mr. and I have a tradition that we get In and Out on our way home from this party...since he wasn't there, my sister took part in this tradition.

We tried to take a picture, but Baby Fox was missing

Oh there he is, but wait, Auntie Foxy we can see up your nose, one more time.

Yep our mom always says how every picture my sisters mouth is wide open...we felt this was a fair representation. Baby Fox said, I was being silly too, I wasn't looking at the camera...


I wanted to do something that would take a good chunk of time, so we went to the park, about a mile away and the hit the grocery store up on our way home.

He walked for about 2 houses, and then got int he stroller

After lunch and the kids were napping, I polished 30 of these guys.

Look how much better they look. I used silver wipes, amazing!

Then I watched this while making...

this for Baby Fox's Christmas performance tonight (it's Mac and Cheese if you can't tell, next time I make this I'll show you how easy and delicious this recipe is!)

After naptime, Baby Fox wanted to play outside while I took some outfit photos.

He said that this pile of dirt is called Turtle Pie

Mini Fox helping brother make Turtle Pie

Then my dad came over to spend the night* and he watched Fault in Our Stars with me. He liked it, shhhh, don't tell him I told you that.

*He has been spending the night on work nights so that I can still go to work at 5am. Cause let's face it no normal human is up at 5am for work, including kid care.
Mr. gets back tomorrow! Counting down the hours!

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  1. Looks like it was a fun weekend for you. Love all the pictures you manage to get, I always try but end up with very few. Stopping by from the link-up :)

  2. Fun weekend! I always stay up too late when my hubby is gone too. That party looks fun, and you and the kiddos looked great!