Monday, December 22, 2014

I Missed My Calling!

Happy Monday! Only 3 more days until Christmas and Baby Fox turning 4! What?! I can't believe how fast time has flown. Anyway...I had a 4 day weekend, well today counts as day 4. We're setting up the tables for Christmas. Oh did I tell you guys I'm hosting Christmas this year? 14 adults and 5 kids, yikes! So we're trying to set up as much as possible.

On to weekend shenanigans. Friday Baby Fox had school and Mr. took Mini Fox to a work lunch, so I had the morning to myself! It was amazing, I went shopping and then met up with my Mom for lunch.

After picking up Baby Fox from school he wanted to go to the park, who am I to deny him?

He made this at school today.

And then wanted to eat it.

Friday night we went to this house with some friends. We went two years ago (technically we went last year too, but didn't take any pictures?) and this year they stepped it up a notch big time!

We took this picture, then realized, hey we should probaby turn around, but this picture turned out the best...

The house lights up, and plays to music, they have hot apply cider and fresh donuts for everyone that comes.

While waiting in line, they had some entertainment, in their courtyard...

These were the guys making the good!

The inside (yes they let people inside):

Yes that first picture is of an upside down Christmas Tree!

then we headed to get some dinner, it was a little late, but that's okay when you're with friends right?

Saturday the kids wanted to play outside, they got really muddy. But had a blast.

She doesn't need a door, this is how all the cool kids do it

After getting all muddy we decided to give the kids a bath, and then pj's all day :)

Saturday night we went to a Christmas party. And guess what I discovered? I missed my calling, I rock at flip cup! We played 4 times, and I got the flip on the 1st time every time except 1 when I got it on the second time.

The girls

The guys, posing like the girls

Fun night, can't wait for next year!

Sunday Mini Fox and I had some errands to do, but before we went we all went to the park. Baby Fox is rocking the monkey bars. Sorry my very loud cheer at the end.

While we were out on errands, Baby Fox and Mr. decorated the driveway for me

Baby Fox showing Mr. how to draw a person
 Mr. was getting Mini Fox dressed as I was getting myself dressed, we work the same outfit.

Sunday night I made cookies...

My little helper took his job seriously

Some of his work

Over 500 cookies later...

Now to set up the tables. Come back tomorrow to see the rest of our family pictures.

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  1. The cozy coupe pictures are AWESOME! Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the picture of you and your mom! Your cookies look so good - 500? wow!

  3. looks like so so so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't do a Christmas lights tour yet... maybe tomorrow night i can convince Mr B! lol
    feel free to come make me cookies any time :)

  4. Fun fun times!! Love all of the pictures.

  5. That gingerbread house looks AMAZING! I'm going to have to send my address so I can get care basket of those cookies! LoL Fun holiday times. :)