Friday, January 9, 2015

From My Closet: Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Hey all, Happy Friday! First week back after break and we made it! What better way then to celebrate with friends. A few of us from the Style Challenge decided we didn't want the fun to end, so we're bringing you Style Me Bloggers Link up for the next 4 months, join us won't you?! This week we're talking about things in our closet: something old, something new, something borrowed, something in the shade of blue and just because something from my wedding.

Something Borrowed

This might be weird, but my friend actually borrowed my wedding dress. Yep that's right, she was doing a traditional Chinese wedding, and wanted a Chinese dress along with a traditional dress, so she asked to borrow my wedding dress, I think she looked fantastic! And I'm so happy that my dress got to make more then one person incredibly happy. It deserved it, I loved that dress so much!

My friend and her new husband...and guess who married them? Mr!

Something New

This is what Mr. got me for Christmas. My old leather jacket was from high school...I just recently gave it to my mom.

Love the quilted detailing on the back.

I threw it on last night to show you, sorry about looking like a mess. The kids were actually running around naked waiting for their bath, lol. Life of a mommy blogger right? But I'm so excited to start styling this jacket and I think I'll have it for years to come.

Something Blue

Love this blue tunic in my closet, I think it's the zipper detail that I love the most. Side note: it really does unzip and then it's just a weird off the shoulders thing, I wouldn't advise it.

Something Old

I think this is the oldest thing in my closet. It's from 10th grade...that's 20 years ago my friends..wait just I just really date myself...yikes! I sound old. Anyway, I needed a wind ensemble dress (Did I ever tell you guys before I was in band and played the trombone? That's for another day and another story) and my dad took me dress shopping, we went to Windsors Fashion...and we got this dress for a steal! I think it was under $20! Mark down on top of mark down on top of mark down...we ran out of there thinking they would take it back! And yes my Dad took me shopping, not sure why, but for some reason it was his duty to help find me a black wind ensemble dress. I always had good luck finding stuff when he was with me. I should take him shopping more often, lol.

Slutty back right? I can't believe my dad let me get this! I wore this for the next three years of performances. I wish I had pictures...but I could only find one.

I guess taking pictures while at a concert was too hard. I wore it to a winter formal one year. My hair looks funny here, but in real life it was super pretty. I think my hair is just so black that everything just blends together and you can't see any lines that it was creating.

Yep I had full on bangs in high school...dork city!

Something From Our Wedding

Since we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year, I thought I would share something that is still in my closet from our rehearsal dinner...I'm realizing I don't ever let anything go, that's probably why my closet looks like this. Again wasn't even shopping for a rehearsal dress, I think we were just out Christmas shopping and guess who was there? Dad, he really is good luck. I fell in love with this dress right when I saw it. The beading detail, I think that's what got me.

Don't know what I would do without these ladies in my life. I met them both in college freshman year.

Now go check out the other ladies and what they found in their closets.

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  1. That is a fantastic new jacket! I love the detailing. You have fun stuff in your closet :)

  2. Love your take on this....I think we're the same age and both celebrating 10 years.

  3. love the dresses!!! I also think your new jacket is AWESOME!! Mr did good!

  4. Wow! Your wedding dress is beautiful and how NICE of you to let your friend borrow it! I also love the black wind ensemble *and* the rehearsal dress. All very lovely! I really enjoyed reading this post and getting to know you a bit better!

  5. Your wedding dress reminds me of my own. So of course I love it! Also, that leather jacket is fabulous! Have a great weekend and thanks for the peek into your closet!

  6. I love that your friend borrowed your wedding dress - I bet it was fun to see it on someone else, and she looks so happy! What a cool jacket - and you have great taste in dress shopping!

  7. Sarah!! Loved this post!! Your dad taking you shopping...the best dad ever!! And very cool to included your friend borrowing your wedding gown. you both looked beautiful in it!

  8. Love your borrowed wedding dress story! Also, that leather jacket is gorgeous!

  9. Such a great post, Sarah! Love the wedding dress story. Hubby did really good for Christmas. ;) You have something from 10th grade? WOW! Actually, I should have included in my post a coat I have that I have had since I was 18. Just remembered it while I'm typing. :)

  10. Stop it!! 10th grade was 20 years ago for you?! When did we get so "old"?! Ha ha! I have quite a few items in my closet from high school still (so sad!)... need to clean those out.
    LOVE that jacket! Your hubs did good!!