Friday, January 16, 2015

My Favorite Vacations

Since people are probably in the midst of planning weddings for the summer, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite vacations we've taken. Granted all of our vacations are my favorite but these my favorite right now.

Our honeymoon. The whole thing was amazing, it was 2.5 weeks of island hoping, 8 hotel rooms in 20 days, but Bora Bora was my absolute favorite place we stayed. The view from our over the water hut. One day I'll recap this for you and give you tips to traveling to French Polynesia

We spent a lot of time at the pool

Horse back riding, you know the usual.

For our first anniversary we went to Barbados, so much fun!

Submarine tour

Our East Coat Road Trip we went from Washington DC to Vermont and back in 2 weeks. With a few stops along the way.

Our best friend through the whole trip

We were actually going to see my cousin graduated from Dartmouth and decided to visit some friends in DC as well and might as well go to New York cause it's on the way right?

Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, awesome show!

Our trip to Europe. We went to Rome, Florence, Cinque Terra, and Switzerland. It was such an awesome trip with some amazing friends (those same friends who live in DC)!

If you look closely you can see all of our coins mid air (although Mr.'s is barely leaving his hand)

Spanish Steps
A trip to Rome wouldn't be complete without seeing the Pope, so cool how close we were to him. It was pouring rain, so instead of having it outside they did it in St. Peter's. Loved it.

Onto Florence

Of the 2000 pictures that we took of this trip, this is one of the ONLY ones that Mr. is smiling and not closing his eyes, seriously. And it's because we found this market with the best cappuccino ever.

Bike Riding through Tuscany, amazing.

Next up Cinque far our favorite part. We stayed in the "fourth" town, I wish we had just one more day here, but we only gave ourselves one day to explore.

Onto Switzerland

Cause everyone who goes to Switzerland goes to an Alanis Morrisette concert right? They had this outdoor festival and she was the headliner...crazy right. No one speaks a lick of English but they all knew every word to her songs.

The view from our hotel room...yep every town there has their own castle. Cool right?

 It was supposed to be a big group of people who went up to Yosemite, but in the end it was just me and Mr. it was great spending time together and hiking lots.

The time that Curtis and I hiked this guy, also known as Half Dome:

We took this picture the day before when we went for a drive, we couldn't believe we were going to hike that!
Yep it was raining when we started on our journey
At Nevada falls, most people turn around cause the hard part is after this, but we felt great and wanted to keep going.

We kept seeing these signs. We'd run into some rangers and they would tell us that we should turn around that the Half Dome is probably wet and it's super dangerous to climb up when it's wet. But we kept on going. Figuring lets at least get to where we really can't go any further.

We're getting closer!

We finally make it and have to take the cables...I don't know if I can do this!

Yep we climbed up that!

We made it! Remember that little point jetting out in the first picture? Yep that's where we are standing!

What made this trip so amazing was that usually there are hundreds of people hiking this and you can sometimes wait hours to get up the cables...but us, there were about 10 people there because most people did even start the hike because of the rain. We took the longer less steep way back to camp...
We made it! Still smiling and ready for some dinner!

There you have it, 5 of my favorite vacations.

What are your favorite vacations?

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  1. I love this've done some great trips. I am very jealous of the honeymoon trip- that looks so beautiful.

  2. Love all of your vacation pictures! You're so brave for concurring the Half Dome, awesome pictures from it! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie