Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Jumped on the Denim Vest Train

Another week with the Style Bloggers today for another link up for the Summer Challenge, feel free to link up any outfit of choice, we'd love to get some more ideas! Let's just get right to it, since we have 7 outfits to get through.

Day 10

This outfit called for lace shorts, flowy top (a lot of you have been asking where it's from, it's from Nordstrom* and it's 40% off right now!) and a chambray, the only really flowy tank I have is this black one and I don't have a tank type chambray or a vest and it's just too hot for anything else. Oh and I haven't found a pair of lace shorts that I like. I found an ivory pair, but just want plain white, how hard is that to find?!


Day 11

I pretty much love this floppy hat from Target*, at $12 it's pretty much a steal. For some reason when I paired this maxi with this hat it made me feel like I need to go to the Kentucky Derby or something. Maybe it's because the maxi is a little on the fancier side? Not sure, but it's still a cute outfit.

Day 12

The outfit was supposed to be boyfriend shorts and a lace top. I haven't found a lace top I like yet, so I opted for this fun flowy top, but decided to knot it to give it a more fitted look. Click here to see how Deena styled this same top. So versatile right?

Day 13

I changed this outfit a little in that I picked a flowy tee to wear, but I thought it worked. I just got this kimono* from Amazon, and while it's probably not going to last me years, I think it's super fun and afforadable addition to my summer wardrobe. It's so light and airy that even with the 100° heat I can still feel stylish.

I was also really feeling the pony tail. I rarely wear my hair in a ponytail besides going to the gym, mostly because have those stupid baby hairs growing back and they just hang out of the ponytail and drive me crazy. I can't wait to get rid of my little wings.

You can sort of see them here, they are on either side of my forehead.

Day 14

I was supposed to wear that white lace top again...the one I don't own yet. Maybe during the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale, I'll find one...anyway, I decided I would go with a textured type top since lace is texturey...right? Right. I love these shorts, they're from Old Navy (no longer available, but here is something similar*.

Then my little photobomber decided to show up, I love this dress on does have matching pants, but it was too hot for those for nap time, so we took them off and never put them back on.

She was trying to get the lens cap that I slipped into my pocket.

Oh and guess what I found while going through my pictures? You guessed it...

Day 15

I can't tell you how much I love this floppy hat*, definitely going to be using this a lot outside this summer. You know watching the kids swim...although I have been really good about going into the pool so far this summer. 

Day 16

I just got this vest* in the mail, the day I took this picture and I have to say I think this is my favorite outfit from the week. I mean everyone always styles their vests so cute, and I was on the I'm not going to get on the vest train, but I jumped on board, and boy am I glad I did. I have so many outfits I want to pair this with already! Actually I saw that Katie had it, and as soon as I saw that cute dress paired with the vest, I didn't even finish reading her post before heading off to buy it at Old Navy, bought it and then came back to finish reading the post. Now that is shopping dedication my friends.

Don't you always feel like you have so much make-up on and then when you see the pictures you're like, what make-up? I can only imagine how much actresses/actors have on!

No those are not my real lashes, they are fakies...I love fake eyelashes*, as soon as I learned how to put them on, life was never the same. I actually have them on subscribe and save...=)
And that my friends is my week 3 recap of the Summer Challenge. Come back next week for the final 5 outfits! Now go check out my friends and see how they're styling their outfits.

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