Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday - Show us your House, Tour Time

Andrea is asking and I'm she's asking us to show us our house. I would have done a video tour...but my house is a tornado ripped through it mess. And I really need to get organized, every weekend I say I am, and then very weekend I don' know. will still be there tomorrow and the snuggles might not be.

I have showed you guys a few rooms:

Our house before we moved in. Yep it really was that orange. Actually this picture is making it look more tame than it was.

Pictures from the beginning and front and back yards 

Looks so much better right?

Click here to see the backyard cleanup, it took 3 huge trucks to cart everything out.

And then a few years later we did a backyard renovation, we couldn't be happier with how it came out, and are so glad we did it when we did, we enjoy it almost everyday during the summer. Click here to see the renovation of the backyard.

When we moved into our house it looked like a rainbow threw up in it...seriously, you could stand in the living room and see the following colors: Orange, brown, light purple, dark purple, green and red. You can sort of see all of the different colors in these two pictures. Almost taken from the same spot. We...and when I saw we I mean, Mr. had some serious vision...I was skeptical but trusted his opinion. So glad that I did, this really is the perfect house for us.

The one thing Mr. wanted when we moved in was a big TV, click here for pictures from the renovation of his office/tv room.

Mr. wanted a big TV I wanted a new set of stairs. This was a huge undertaking and we are so happy with how it came out, click here for that renovation. It looks really great with a Christmas tree right where the stairs starts to curve. You know you want to click this link to see what Christmas looks like.

The guest room down stairs was pretty much just a paint job. It's where we lived for a good 5 months while the rest of the house was being renovated. Click here for that renovation. I actually don't have any more pictures of it being done. Another room post to come!

The only thing we did in the kids bedrooms was get rid of the horrible color and paint them a really neutral color. Click here for that renovation. Baby Fox's room for a short time was just an empty room. After we finished fixing up the house (but really when are you ever done?) we got pregnant right away, so it really only stayed empty for 9 months. Click here to see his room tour.

Until Mini Fox came along this was my craft room, I had a TV, table and all my craft/sewing supplies set up in here. Click here for Mini Fox's room tour.

Our bedroom/bathroom was a wreck! We had both light purple and dark purple and so many wiring hanging from the ceiling and walls, we ended up just shoving all the wiring into the wall and patching that up. haha! Here's the before, click here for the room renovation/tour.

Our bathroom was a wreck! Another huge project, but so worth it! Click here for the renovation.

Oh and I just remmebered I did a closet tour too. Click here for the full tour.

So there you go, all of our rooms in one post. I have yet to give you an official tour of our kitchen and family room. But most of my pictures are taken from those rooms, so I guess just go look at any post and you'll see those, haha :) I think this upcoming year is going to be the year of decorating the house, getting stuff on the windows/on the walls. More on that in the new year. Need to make a plan first.

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