Monday, July 27, 2015

Weddings, Baby Showers and Jumping Fail

Hello Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a pretty good weekend, really busy, as usual. 
Thursday I went to get my allergy shots, by myself, it was awesome. My dad was dropping off Mini Fox from having her for the day, and I asked if he could just stay and watch both the kids so I could run over to get my shots. Mr. and I had this conversation (I am in the blue):
In case you were wondering, TJ = Trader Joe's best store for picking up quick dinners and snacks. Anyway, he comes home with pizza fixings, and he's decided to go all out and do cheese and pepperoni... He's like you need to take a picture of this for the blog. He added so much cheese I thought it was going to encroach on my side of the pan and ruin my pizza with cheese, so I created a foil barrier.

Then I took this picture to show you exactly how high with cheese and toppings he filled his pizza.

Our pizza's cooked and ready to eat, so delicous! He was itching for me to finish taking a picture so he could eat it, haha.

Then this happened, he ate the entire thing. When he was done he said, you should take a picture to show everyone I finished it, haha. I had a few pieces left from mine.

 Anyway, enough about random pizzas.
Some silly family time before bed.
 Friday was Baby Fox's last day of preschool. I felt like I wanted to be there to drop him off and pick him up on his last day of the first year of school, weird? Please tell me I'm not alone.
The picture from his first day of preschool.
and his last day 
Walking him to school.

His teacher puts on a performance at the end of the year, so I helped to set that up.

I cannot tell you how cute and special it was to watch Baby Fox and his classmates. They worked so incredibly hard on their performances. Of course I filmed the whole thing, I won't bore you with that, just the grandparents.

Yes there were several costume changes.

Baby Fox was the was so cute.

My cute little bull.

 The girls were so cute in the flamingo costumes/dance

All the kids

One more costume change, they did the play Pocahontas. I was bummed I couldn't hear Baby Fox's line, someone was talking right next to us when he was talking...I wanted to shush them...but didn't. Oh well!

Baby Fox did do a performance, that I didn't take a picture of, just video, he sang Let it Go with one of the other little girls and while she just stood there with him and didn't sing, it was super cute. Their foreheads were touching the whole time, it was so cute. And I was blown away, I mean blown away that he knew all the words to the song! I had asked him last week if he wanted to go over the song and he said, mom I got this! And that he sang it in front of 40 people. Such a huge difference when he started preschool this shy little guy. Such confidence.

Saturday I went on my morning hike, it was just 4 of us. The person who got the picture at the top never posted it to FB, so I couldn't grab it, but I did take this picture, just in case I didn't get a picture at the top, which I didn' good thing I took this one. Some proof that I was up at 6am on a Saturday to hike.

Then afterwards I got the most delicous bagel. I had showed you the bagel shop a couple of weeks ago, but didn't tell you that this everything bagel has the stuff on both sides, instead of just the top. Why doesn't every bagel shop do that?!
 After breakfast I promised the kids swimming....we never morning swim so it was a big treat and the loved it! Of course the one picture we got, my eyes were closed, oh well!

Mr's dream has finally come true, he and Baby Fox played catch for a good 10 minutes.

 After pool time, Mr. and I got ready to go to a wedding down in San Diego...and yep the traffic was bad, what should have taken a hour 45 minutes turned into almost 3 hours, fun times.

But at least the view was pretty. This was the bridge passing over to Coronado Island.

The wedding was beautiful, I didn't take too many pictures because I was mostly taking video, I noticed they didn't have a videographer, so I took video instead of pictures. Waiting for the ceremony to start...we snagged a spot in the shade.

Lipstick courtesy of Becky from BYBMG. She had gotten some lipstick from Ipsy that didn't work for her, but it worked for me! So she sent it to me, so generous right? And the color was perfect for a summer wedding.
 The happy couple!

Me and the Mother of the Bride

The view was gorgeous!

Sun setting during cocktail hour.

The happy bride, boy did I feel short!

And of course following tradition we got In and Out on our way home, nothing like eating In and Out coming home from a party/wedding.

Sunday we were all tired, it was a lazy morning, followed by some swim lessons (only 4 more left). Then came back for some lunch, Mr. got crazy with his presentation.
 Then I headed to a baby sprinkle. Funny enough it was at the top of where I usually hike. So instead of having to hike to Top of the World, I got to drive and enjoy the view from the hostesess backyard.
We thought, this would be a perfect place to do a jump shot, you can tell from the pictures who's the pro... clearly two of us need to work on it, lol.
 This would have been a cool shot, had my hair not gotten in the way, oops. Next time will be more away of the hair situation. Live and learn.

In case you were wondering how we got the shot, set your camera to do rapid picture taking, so we said one, two three, and the photogapher just held the shutter button down, so we got 15 or so pictures and I just picked the picture when we were the highest.
 Now a picture with the Mama, this will be her third and it's a girl!

I didn't get home until 6pm, so we did dinner, and got ready for the the start of the week. No pictures.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and congrats if you made it to the end of this really long post!

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