Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorite #43

Happy Friday! Although it was a short week, coming back from vacation is always hard! Here are some of my favorite this week.

 Getting our Disneyland passes! I've always wanted one, so excited to take the kids, especially having some dates with Baby Fox, he's so fun to share that experience with.

They got a book reader for Mini Fox's birthday and they convinced it's an iPad, it's super cute because they always hear people have them, and they really think this is called an iPad, when in reality it has 16 buttons and can read 8 books.

Love that Mr. loves to wear Mini Fox, super cute watching him and her together, they have special Father/Daughter bond that I had with my Dad and I am loving watching it all happen.

The hair challenge!

I finished it and I think I did pretty great, I'm thinking I might try a hair try a different hair style every week for a that's 52 hair styles...thinking I'm going to start it in the new year...stay tuned to see if I actually do it, although now that I've said it out loud on the blog, it's sort of set in stone right? That's how this blogging thing works right?

I even made a video of all of the styles, but only have 2 done so far.

The Twisted Half Updo (my second favorite style of the week)
The Braided Crown (although I guess I didn't hit record on the front camera so I only have the back camera footage, doh!)
And of course how can I not mention Mini Fox's birthday party. It was really a labor of love, but the look on Mini Fox's face was really priceless. Now to figure out the next party and the next theme....I love a good theme...and lots of cricut work!

My favorite picture of the whole week:

I love how it's just pure joy and love in this picture, he doesn't think anyone is taking a picture of him, and it's just her and him. Love, love, love.

Happy weekend! Mr. is studying all weekend, so I'm going to try and keep the kids busy, and maybe find our family photo outfits. Speaking of which, have you guys found your outfits? I need some assistance! Help!

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