Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites #42

Happy Friday! Sorry I haven't been commenting back to you guys and haven't visited any blogs this week. I'm in full blown party mode and every spare minute is going towards the party. But I do have some favorites of the week.
Here's the birthday girl on her actual birthday, we decorate their doors for when they wake up. She wasn't so sure about it.

Later that evening my Mom made Mini Fox's favorite dinner, homemade Mac and Cheese.

I love that the kids can take anything and make it fun. Chair spinning for example, they thought it was a blast.

When no one would spin them, Baby Fox would spin them and then jump on the chair with her, she thought it was hilarious.

I can't believe this girl is 2!

Remember way back when...

Click here for Mini Fox's birthday story

She's getting so big, time is passing way too fast, but don't all of us parents say that?

While crafting late into the evenings I'm really digging the Christmas movies on Netflix...yes I've seen most of them already, but they are making me ridiculously happy right now.

Now that she's two she can help in the kitchen...okay not really, but when she saw me get the cake mix out, she said...Make chocolate! I help!

She said, as she was pushing me away, By Self Mommy, By Self.

But really I think she wanted to lick the bowl.

It's amazing how happy this little thing made them, I had to post two pictures because of course they don't smile at the same time... that would be asking for too much.

I think that bowl is licked clean, do I even need to wash it?

How was your week? Anything interesting I missed this week?
I feel like I'm in my own little world over here...

And don't forget about the hair challenge we have going on. Tomorrow is day 6 for me, so far I've had 4 really good styles and 1 that really sort of bombed, but hey I tried right? Now I just need to think of one for tomorrow...decisions, decisions. Sorry I have been so bad with IG, I swear I am doing the styles, taking pictures with a real camera and transferring, etc, is a lot of work. I know, I know, excuses, excuses.

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