Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weekend Recap on a Tuesday

In case you missed it yesterday, I did a blog hop with The Blended Blog on how to transition our summer wardrobe, I tackled the ankle bootie, Alison  wrote about how to transition a sleeveless dress and Leslie showed everyone how to transition a lace top.

Now onto our weekend, it was pretty low key, after you very eventful weekend last week, I barely took any pictures. Mr. had to study pretty much all weekend, and we all know studying, it's just easier to do when there isn't anyone around. So I tried to stay busy the whole weekend. Friday my mom and I went shopping and to dinner with the kids. We could have spent way more time shopping. I wanted to try and find outfits for our family photo shoot. I found this leather skirt and knew I had to have it, now I just need to find the perfect top, suggestions are welcome. I'm thinking I'm going to get Mini Fox this dress, with some black quilted knee high boots she has. So far this is what I have for our family needs a lot of work. I'm thinking black, white, grey with that purple color being the pop of color.

While shopping Baby Fox wanted a picture with this coat on, it was hilarious. He wanted to take it off the hanger and walk around with it on.

Dinner pictures, Cheesecake Factory, yum!

Little Miss was too busy eating to take a picture.

Saturday was soccer as usual (at least our new Saturday usual). The whole team did better this week, amazing what one week will do.

Coach brought a gator to help the kids learn to stay in the lines, he told them if they went outside the lines the gator would get them. Super fun for the kids to learn this way.

Mini Fox wanted in on the practice too.

All that practice tires a girl out, water break.

Before we start cheer, go Gators!

Pretty much the only time Baby Fox (#10) got the ball, he is just a sweet kid who has not one aggressive bone in his body. He pretty much does wind sprints up and down the field.

The best part of soccer...the after game snacks.

After practice we went swimming and had some lunch and then I went to my parents house so that Mr. could study. No pictures though...darn.

Sunday we went to church and then I took the kids to the gym pool because it was this hot out. We hadn't been to the gym pool, why not go on a 100° day.

We ate lunch and went swimming and did the splash park, it was perfect.

Back home for naps and dinner. Again no pictures, I was boring this weekend. Maybe next weekend will be better.

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