Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites #61

It's Friday again!

Did everyone have a good St. Patty's Day? Anyone do anything? I went out with some girlfriends, not because of the occasion, but more of a "we need to get out and talk girl stuff". So that's what we did, it was fabulous. So here are my favorites from the week.

In case you missed it, this week on the blog:

Monday: Weekend Recap

I love his sweet little voice singing Hush Little Baby. She calls him Coco...

What?! Since when does my kid know how to do this?!

Part of my wear everything in my closet, okay well just for a month, haven't decided if I am going to keep going after March or not...we'll see. But here are my outfits for this week.

Oops I wore the same sweater twice in the same week, I tried on a few sweaters, but none of them looked good on that second day, and I was late to catch my I threw it on, not realizing that it was just two days before. Oh well! At least the outfit is different.

I wore my church outfit and then got home and changed into gym clothes, so you got two outfits in one day.


I know this is super old, as in 4 months old, but hey it's been popping up a lot lately...needed to share the funny. I showed Mr. and now every time I ask him to do something blog related he says, Instagram Husband, even if it's blog related. He really wants me to run around with a white flag.

Mom's night out. Just randomly happened for St. Patty's Day. We were originally going to go to Dave and Busters, but turns out it's not only St. Patty's Day but it was also the first day of March Madness...they said table wait would be 1.5 hours, no thanks! So we decided to go somewhere else, that didn't have a bar with tv's. We still had a ton of fun.

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