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Link Up: Style Perspectives Week 1 and Hair Challenge Week 9

Hi Foxy Fashion People! I know I usually have a Hair Challenge link up, but for the next few months I'm going to forgo those because we're starting our Styles Perspective Series with The Blended Blog! I'll still be recapping my hair, but I don't think you can have two link ups in one post, that's just confusing.

In case you missed the announcements, the ladies over at The Blended Blog are hosting a fun series where each of the contributors pick their signature style, and then the rest of us are going to come up with our version of that outfit. Here are the prompts:

This week was styling a wrap/outer layers. I know that many of us live in different climates, I'm excited to see how everyone styles this prompt. As you know I live where there isn't many seasons, right now it's mid-70's, my favorite time of year. So I decided to style a Kimono. Normally I would pair this with shorts, but at the time I took these pictures I was cold, you know cause 70° is cold here.

Of course I had to do my hair for the prompt too, I did a fishtail half crown, and then added a flower to it, I thought it was very Spring of me.

Now onto my hair styles for the week:

Last Wednesday I actually woke up a little early, okay only 8 minutes early, but I figured that would be enough time to curl my hair. I plug in my curling iron, get the first two sections curled and then suddenly my curls aren't as curly. I keep going...they're getting looser...yep the curling iron turned off! So I try to turn it back turns on and then off 10 seconds, there's something wrong with my curling iron. So what did I do? I tried to curl the rest of my head with the dissipating heat and quick as I could. Which pretty much left me with half a head of curly hair and half a head of semi-straight hair.

Curly side...

Not so curly...oops!

You can really see it here...haha, just had to laugh all day.

So come Thursday, one would think I would have fixed the non-curl right? Nope too lazy. So I put it up in a braid and hoped no one would notice. Not my favorite look,  I had a really cool style in my head...and it didn't work out...oh well, live and learn.

Thursday night after my shower I decided to try a Nicole's blow out method. This was the result.

I think it turned out great, I did use Bed Head Super Star* which I mentioned in this post. I think between that and Nicole's method it made my hair super shiny and smooth and soft. I did this right before bed, so this is what the blowout looked like just after waking up. Literally, I woke up, grabbed my phone and took a picture, this is not brushed out at all.

I promise I'm not naked, there are PJ's under there
Even though I had this nice blow out hair do, I decided since I had the day off and the kids were napping to play around with my extensions and doing my hair with them in. I loved having the extra thickness, and length.

How cool is this style? She considers it a back to school style, which seems a little fancy and trying too hard for school, but whatever floats your boat.

Saturday we didn't have anything going on, so before the kids woke up I did this style. I absolutely LOVE it, and will definitely be doing this one again!

Sunday I met up with a friend at Burke Williams, so I knew I was going to wash my hair there, so when I woke up on Sunday, my hair was super dirty. And what do you do when you have super dirty hair? You throw it up in a braided crown.

So that's all of my hair styles! Lots happening in this post! Come back next week because the Girls and I might have a nice giveaway for you all, and an extra bonus for those that participate in the link up! Next week it's all about shades of pink.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item - I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!

Now go check out all of the other ladies from The Blended Blog and see how they styled their look!

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