Monday, April 4, 2016

March in Numbers

Today I'm linking up with Deena for my month in numbers, love doing these each month.

3 - The number of times I took Baby Fox rock climbing at the gym.

8 - The number of allergy shots I got this month.

2 - The number of times I went to Disneyland


1- The number of baby cousins I met, she's the cutest.

21 - The number of selfies I took this month

5 - The number of Easter Egg hunts my kids went on

31 - The number of outfits I wore and didn't repeat any top...I had to repeat some bottoms

1 - The number of date nights I went on with Mr.

2 - The number of new foods I tried and didn't get sick! Woo hoo. More on my food allergies coming soon. I tried Soy and Dairy and it was amazing!


That's all I have this month. What is one of your numbers this month?

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