Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Wreath Tutorial

Happy Tuesday Foxy Friends! We had such a lovely day yesterday with some friends and a heated pool. Mr. decided to heat the pool for everyone it was so nice, especially since the morning started off super over cast and cloudy and a bit cold. But the sun was shining at the end it was so nice to chit chat while the kids played. I thought since Summer was just around the corner I would show you how I transformed my Easter Wreath into a Summer Wreath.

If you're new here, I've been using this same Burlap Wreath and changing out the ribbon and decorations so I don't have to make and then store a new wreath for every holiday. Where do people store all of their holiday wreaths? So I set out to make one wreath and change it up for the holidays, then I just had to store the small amount of decorations and not an entire wreath.

St. Patrick's Day Wreath
Easter Wreath

Materials Needed:

One Burlap Wreath (Made previously, click here)
3 Spools of Ribbon (Originally $7.99 but on sale for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Chalk Board Sign ($5.99 but used a 40% of coupon)
The Letter "C" (Which I didn't end up using...)


I started with my Easter Wreath:

After striping down al of the stuff, I was left with my basic burlap wreath again. I didn't puff it back up knowing I was going to be putting ribbon through it.

When I was at Hobby Lobby with the kids, truth be told I had no idea what I wanted to do. I thought I wanted some cute flip flops and sand pails, I thought they would have some miniature sized ones that I could cutely arrange somehow. We didn't find it...So we headed to the ribbon isle. I saw the chevron print and thought I've been wanting to do something with chevron print. The kids picked the colors, no joke, so I went with it, hey if they like it, why not.

Here is what NOT to do:

I started with the purple ribbon, and started putting it in through the front side of the wreath...I would push some burlap aside and pull the ribbon through.

This is what it ended up looking like:

Which was okay...but it was all down the center, and I realized when I added the other two colors they were most likely going to be on either side and then I would have three good. But I continued on...but instead of going from the front side, I went in from the back side, the wire side of the wreath.

This way I could easily control where the ribbon ended up. I was fighting too much with the burlap going in from the front side. After getting about 6 inches down I realized this was way easier and took out the purple ribbon, so I could start over. Doesn't that look so much better with the purple all over instead of just in the middle?

Then I added the blue ribbon to fill in the gaps.

Looking a little closer....

Then I went to Pinterest to find out how to write something on a chalk board, since I have no artistic ability what so ever when it comes to drawing stuff...The chalk board actually had a shoelace like thing on the end of it, so you can take off the ribbon easy, put it around the wire and attach it back on. I should have taken a picture...darn. I tried to add the "C" but realized...that's just too much. So I'll have to use that some other time. Seriously I bought this C a while ago and have wanted to use it for every just hasn't worked out. Do you agree, or do you think I should add it?

So there you go, this whole thing took me maybe 30 minutes...especially since the burlap wreath was already made.

Burlap Wreath

I need your help Beth! HELP ME with my sign, can you come and just do it for me? I'll feed you and you can use the pool. Pretty please.

So there you have it, a simple Summer Wreath.

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