Thursday, June 23, 2016

Avengers 1/2 Birthday Party

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm here to sort of talk to you about Baby Fox's Avengers Party. As always I fail at taking pictures when I'm hosting the party!  Oh well! The fun part of planning this was Baby Fox was totally into it. He wanted to come with me to pick out the party supplies and wanted to help me decorate. While we were decorating he said, I love decorating with you Mama...melt this Mama heart.

I didn't even get a good picture of the background I was doing! What, total blogger fail! I even started taking pictures to do a tutorial...and then totally failed. Luckily I have another tutorial that is very similar, just different building shapes. And I used grey windows instead of yellow because Baby Fox wanted me to, and I thought it would make it more dramatic.

I took this picture thinking I'll take another one when people aren't in it, then the night rolled aorund and I forgot and then the very next day it feel down so we just took it down totally forgetting to take a picture, darn!
I bought the Happy Birthday sign and the webs and spiders were left from last year. Getting two years using some of the same party decorations is a definite win! Got our money worth out of that one.

The food was Mexican, yum! Pork, chicken, beans, nachos. Then I added some fruit to be healthy and some hotdogs for those kids that don't really eat Mexican...namely the birthday boy! Again no pictures, blogger fail! I always say I'm going to be better...not this year apparently.

I bought this sign, and hung part here:

And the other part here, since the one wall that could fit everything was currently being used.

The rest of it we added above the French doors.

Baby Fox insisted that we have these streamers, it was one of the first things he put in the shopping cart. Plus we had some left over from our Spiderman Party last year. Baby Fox picked the exact location of each streamer and I hung them up.

Even the ones outside he showed me where to put them.

The Bam, Boom, Ka-Pow signs were left over from last year. You better believe I'm keeping these for another year...can we say three-peat?

These signs were left over from last year and we put them around the house, these were simple goodie bags, bought the bags with Avenger theme and then added a small coloring to-do book and some crayons and then put a bunch of candy it is to fill them up.

I think the best part of the party was the cityscape and then the cake! Remember his birthday cake for his actual birthday in December? Well I did the same inside but I totally different outside...he was in awe of it. I think I was too, carpal tunnel city, but worth it! And there is this electric thing I could have used, that of course a friend told me about afterwards, never again will I go through that pain! haha...

Those are those homemade Oreo Cookies that are always the first thing to friends all call them Woopie Pies and basicaly expect them when they come to a party at my house.

Back to the cake, a close up, I followed this tutorial and in case you were wondering I used a #16 icing tip...
Hulk symbol

Thor Symbol

Captain America Symbol

I spent so much time on the icing that I completely forgot what was on the inside, so when I cut it open, it really was a surprise to me too! haha...

I followed this tutorial.

Cake was a huge hit, and I'm so happy that everyone liked it, especially the birthday boy!

So that was our Avengers/Spiderman Party, although people at work tell me that Spiderman is now a part of, I guess we're okay on that front.

It was hot, so a pool party was the perfect way to start the Summer. And then we'll end the summer with Mini Fox's party in September...I'm thinking she's going to with Little Mermaid...or maybe Frozen, but that is a distant second.

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