Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites #73

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Another week past, it was a long one for me, I only had to work two days last week, so coming back to work five...LONG! Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the week.
First up, as always in case you missed it this week, this is what happened on the blog.

Sunday: Create 28: A Warm Summer Wedding
Monday: May in Numbers
Tuesday: What's In My...Bag
Wednesday: Create 28 Week 1
Thursday: Kids Behind the Blog and Picture Perfect

Bonus post: $200 giveaway to Target!!

Didn't get a chance to recap our Lake Arrowhead trip, we had an absolute blast, hanging out with 2 other families and all of the kids running around and playing. We had 7 kids 5 and under and 6 adults in one house, it was awesome. Each of the families was in charge of specific meals, so that all worked out great. Plus we found a fantastic pizza place, next time we're ordering one or two more! It was great to hang out with friends and not anything anything on the agenda.

Bedtime! There were 4 sets of bunk beds in this room and these two decided they wanted to sleep together. So cute...side note: They are only 3 days apart in age.

Something we didn't know about Lake Arrowhead, that it's really a private in it's hard to get access to the water. We finally got access, with a gate code the owners had left, but man was it hard!

Getting 6 kids to cooperate for a picture...near impossible (the 7th kid is a 7 month old and was already in bed).

Saturday we finally made it down to the actual beach, it was so much fun! Wish we could have gone back the next day, or that we had discovered this on Friday.

Most of the time we sat around and did nothing, but chat and watch the kids play.

I of course had to braid someone's hair!

Hey they are at least standing still!

Tried to get a jump shot...didn't really work out...LOL

I just love this picture so much!

The kids all wanted to be Zombies...

Group shots with these people are my absolute favorite! Wish I would have noticed the tiny bit of shade there before we took them...but hey what can ya do?


Obgligatory Zombie shot.

These three kids have grown up together, they were all born within three weeks of each other and are just the cutest together.

Going back a when they were about 3 months old.

I didn't find any food videos to tempt you here's a video I put on my own YouTube channel yesterday. I went to the Nordstrom Beauty Event, if you haven't heard of it, it's when Nordies opens at 8 for a fashion show/showing us everything that is new for that season (skin care, make up, clothes, everything!). We happened to go to the Spring show, and are planning on going back for the Fall show, you just have to call your local Nordies to find out when they are! They also give you some deals too, so it's not to be missed!

I broke it into two parts, because it was just getting long. First part was the information part, the second part is all about the products and what we found! I have a third and final Haul Video that I'll hopefully post next Friday!


Happy Friday Foxy Friends, we made it!
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