Thursday, June 30, 2016

June In Numbers

Another month gone and with that comes what my month looks like in numbers, thanks Deena for always hosting such a great link up! So here it goes.

4 - days spent with friends at the lake

1 - Cabin

7 - Children at said cabin

6 - Adults, it was a blast!

Because what would a group shot with these crazy kids be without Zombie picture?

1 - 1/2 Super Hero birthday thrown

6,000 - The amount of frosting flowers I did (okay probably an exaggeration, but it did feel like it.)

15 - The number of swimming lessons I took either Mini Fox or Baby Fox to

First lesson of the season, and his first time being with 3 other kids, we had been doing semi-private lessons. It was great to know that a) he was able to keep up with the other kids b) I get to save a bunch of money. Woo hoo!

The coach wanted to move everyone up to the next level in this class, but everyone had to pass certain tests, so he was teaching Baby Fox how to dolphin kick so he could move up the class, since everyone else already knew it. I was wondering why he was just concentrating on Baby Fox when they were doing this. Back.....


And of course he rocked it and helped moved up the entire class, so proud of him!

3 - The number of birthday parties we went to (one of them being the one we hosted)

2400 - The amount of miles I drove

1 - Wedding attended, was so sad that we never got a picture with the bride and groom, boo!

6.5 - The number of months I went without a hair cut, it felt so good to finally get it cut!

4 - The number of inches he cut off

4 - The number of allergy shots I got...woo hoo! It was going to be 0 but they wanted me to come in twice this week, darn!

Have a great weekend! I'm off for the next 5 days, woo hoo! Mr. and I are both taking ditching work Tuesday and we're going to make a whole day of it, movies, lunch and shopping. Yay!

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