Monday, June 6, 2016

May In Numbers

Today I'm linking up with Deena for my month in numbers. If you want to see my previous months, click here.

3 - The number of birthday parties we went to this month

2 - Playdates with friends, one I haven't ever met, just online. Hi Meg! The other an old college friend that I haven't seen since college, it was great to see/meet them. And of course I took no pictures of either thing...did it even happen if I didn't?

2 - Trips to Disneyland for me
3 - Trips to Disneyland for Baby Fox

1 - Pirate show...

Baby Fox is one of those kids up there on the boat!!! I was so proud of him for going up there and not freaking out.

23 - The number of hours that my MIL was in town visiting.

1 - Concert...Pentatonix! Recap here.

4 - The number of allergy shots I got...woo hoo! It used to be 32...a month, yes 32 shots a month.

12 - The number of selfies I took, I feel a little bummed, so low...I need to up my game next month. I realized while putting together the selfie collage, I just didn't take many pictures in general in May, strange.

5 - The number of Mother's Days I've celebrated.

1 - The number of times I got to see my brother...but I had just seen him a couple weeks prior to this, so it was cool to see him twice in two weeks time.

18 - The number of selfies Baby Fox took in 1 minute.

I think I'm all numbered out for the month. Hope you are having a great Monday....going to be a long week for me, I only worked 2 days last week...this week 5...ugh!

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