Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sentence A Day: May Edition

Thank you Rebecca for the idea! Here we are our first link up! I hope you wrote down your sentence a day and are linking up with us. It's so fun to read about someone's day in just one sentence.

1 - Pentatonix was the best concert EVER, especially with good friends!

2 - So sore from Saturdays workout I can barely walk, must workout..that will make that pain go away right?

3 - Started a toned Arm Challenge, Baby Fox did the first round with me and rocked the burpees.

4 - R.I.P.P.E.D to the Core is my favorite workout class.

5 - MNO, yummy food and good company.

6 - Disneyland in the Rain = No lines/Waiting = Awesomeness

7 - 1st birthday party with an In and Out Truck, YUM!!!

8 - Best Mother's Day = Time with Family

9 - Did that same workout from day 2...please don't let me be sore tomorrow, so far so good!

10 - Love watching Mr. and Mini Fox on the swings.

11 - Not as sore from my workout on day 9...thankfully.

12 - Had a great day being spoiled by my family.

13 - Another Disneyland date with Baby Fox and a friend and her daughter, so much fun!

14 - Mother in Law is coming!

15 - Mother in Law left, 23 hours is too short.

16 - I'm still sick and had to miss my favorite workout

17 - Kids are spoiled and went to Disneyland...again.

18 - Daddy makes a good horsey

19 - I lost my voice, waaaahhh!!!

20 - Met up with blogger friend Meg for the first time, super fun but big park playdates make for little time to talk, kids are evey where.

21 - We were gone for 2 birthday parties from 9:30am to 4pm, exhausted.

22 - Took Baby Fox to a pirate show with some friends, so much fun!

23 - Missed my workout, still sick

24 - Advil Cold and Sinus is my friend
25 - I ate a bag of Swedish fish (you know the candy) for breakfast.

26 - Finally feeling better...thank goodness!

27 - Took 2 hours to get home from work...blah!

28 - Mr. and Baby Fox got last minute tickest to the Angels Game and had a blast!

29 - Low key day, church followed by a whole lot of nothing.

30 - Friends over for some BBQing and swimming.

31 - Allergy shots, enough said.
Go check out some of the other ladies and see what they did this month. I just love doing this, and re-reading about my month and remembering everything that happened. Such a great way to reflect on the month. I hope you'll join us next month, link up will be on July 7th.

What are you waiting for? It's only June 2nd you can catch up! Go do it now...I'm bossy like that, I know.

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