Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites #77

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I have been trying to get over this stupid sinus stuff right now, miserable would best describe my state of being the last few days. Boo. At least I can work from home so I don't have to take PTO or I would have to be totally miserable at work. Enough of the poor me stuff, onto some of my favorites from the week. Warning: Picture heavy post coming your way.

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We showed up on Sunday to my cousins thinking we were just going to decorate our scooters for the 4th of July parade, but to our surprise her house was totally decked out and she was actually having a party for decorating! Say what?! haha...good surprise.

At least I could help make some of the fun red, white and blue snacks.

Then of course the bike decorating...

And don't you always end a good party with some dancing?

4th of July was super fun. We spent the night at my cousins house, a first for us and let me tell you we put the kids to bed around 9pm, we went to bed at midnight, and Baby Fox was awake, then when I got up at 3:30 to go to the bathroom, Baby Fox was sneaking around looking to see who was sleeping (caught!) and then he got up for the day at say he was lacking sleep would be an understatement. My cousin made some flag waffles.

And then we headed out to the parade.



Let me tell you, Mini Fox did amazing! She rode the whole course on her scooter, it was crazy, she looked so little on the scooter, scooting around. But she rocked the whole course...meanwhile her brother was not having such a good time. Remember the lack of sleep, caught up to him and he was all tears almost the whole way, poor thing. But he rallied for lunch and then took a great nap.

We headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house for some swimming and eating.

Cousin picture...wish everyone could have been there!

And then the much fun.

A little hot chocolate to start out the wait. The kids kept calling it their coffee, it was so cute.

Headphones on.

This one just slept the whole time.

Once the show started this one just could not get enough. She loved it.

Love that she copies her brother with the finger sucking since we got rid of her pacifiers. Which for the record she still asks about almost daily and it's been a month!

Tuesday Mr. and I decided to ditch work and since the kids were taken care of do a little day date. So we went to our favorite pre-kid breakfast good, but totally not a place for kids.

Then we hit up some shopping, Mr. ALWAYS finds clothes when go out together, I never find any. He got 3 pairs of pants and a dress shirt from Banana for a super good deal.

Then we hit up a movie, we saw Independence Day, we loved it, it was totally our kind of movie. Not that much thinking, lots of stuff blowing up and a potential for a sequel.

Other random pictures...backing up to Friday after swim lessons we headed to Whole Foods for their Pizza, best deal around if you ask us. Super good pizza and at a reasonable price. Anyway, it takes about 30 minutes, so what do you do while you're waiting? Play hide and seek of course.

She's, two, three, four, five, ten, sixteen...

Then we hid from Mini Fox and Mr...

Then they all wanted to hide from me...

We had some friends over on Saturday for some play time and dinner, these kids are just too cute...and what do you think they were doing...

Yep of course playing on the iPad, at least they were all getting along.

I actually posted some videos to my YouTube Channel, I've been so busy doing other things, YouTube has taken a back seat. I have a few videos recorded, but editing...oh the editing takes forever sometimes. Anyway, did a quick one of Mini Fox's ISR lessons, she's graduated into testing the waters out with clothes. Here is her Summer clothes.

I also got a Target Beauty Box, and for the month of June they had a Men's Beauty Box which of course we had to get too. Mr. loved it, and was hoping they had another one for July, but they didn't, they had two different boxes for us women! Did you get a Target Beauty Box for July? I hope you snagged one up!


That's it friends. Saturday we're getting together with some of my junior high friends, looking forward to seeing them, I haven't seen some of them in 2 years, so it will be good to see them and their kids. Then we're headed to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner, can't wait! Sunday we're meal prepping, we're going to try the 21 day fix meal plan. Wish us luck! We can do anything for 21 days right? Missiong #GetCaboReady here we come!  What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun and exciting?
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