Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pattern Mixing and Hair Challenge Week 30

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends! Another summer day, and it's starting to heat up where I live. Usually we get the heat later in the season and it goes on and on until Halloween, and even then sometimes we're in shorts and tank tops for Thanksgiving. Anyway...I actually followed The Blended Blog style prompt, pick, pair, share.

I bought these shorts at Old Navy about a month or so ago, they were $10, I figured for $10 I would give them a go. I think that Whitney actually bought these shorts and ended up returning them. Although browsing her site I can't find it...hmm...was it you? Anyway, I saw them and thought of her, so let's just go ahead and give her credit.

I've been seeing a lot of mixing patterns and I think it looks great on EVERYONE...but then never really did try it myself. Until this weekend that is! It was 100°+ and humid as all heck. So what better than shorts and the lightest, flowiest (yep just made that word up) shirt ever.

I figured for my hair I wanted it up, but didn't want to just throw it in a pony tail so I created some knots in my hair and pinned them down my head. I think it turned out pretty cute, considering I had two seconds to get ready.

In other hair news...I actually did my hair this week! What? I actually did it four times to be exact! 

The first time was to Baby Fox's graduation/performance. It was hotter than heck (same days as mixing patterns outfit), the performance was outside and I just wanted it up. But I had about 6 seconds to get ready, so I did a fun twisted side braid and called it a day. I got a ton of compliments on it, and it really did take me...okay maybe 30 seconds to do. Of course I forgot to take a picture when there was still light out, so this is how it looked after being in the hot heat for 3 hours.

Saturday we were on our way to dinner, and my hair was a mess and in a pony tail and I couldn't have that, so I grabbed a few bobby pins on my way out the door, and did this while I was sitting in between the kids car seats, with no mirror, so apparently the trick to doing a messy bun is not having a mirror. Could be higher on my head, but eh.

Monday I was SUPER late for work, like I woke up when I was supposed to be driving to the vanpool spot. Yikes! Luckily I made it, but that meant I didn't get a chance to throw it up, since I was on day 3 hair and it really need to not be down. I magically found 2 bobby pins in my purse and did a simple side swept braid.  

Now it's Tuesday and I have day 4 hair, but I knew I didn't want to wash it the night before because I was going to have a hard workout on Tuesday, so I did a crown braid. Good 'ol trusty crown braid.

My head looks so small...I wonder if it looks like this in real life...

What have you been wearing this week? 

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