Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall/Back To School Wreath

Hello Foxy Crafting Friends! I'm a little late with this tutorial, seeing as that everyone seems to have started school 3 weeks ago, but I figured since I took picture I would show you how I made this simple Fall/Back To School Wreath.

A while ago, I wanted to have wreaths on my door, but I just don't have the storage for all of those wreaths for every season, so I set out to make one Burlap Wreath and then each holiday I switch out the extra stuff, but leave the base wreath there. To see my other holiday wreaths, click here. So let's get started.

What You'll Need:

Burlap Wreath (Click here for a video)
Red Burlap Ribbon - 1 Roll ($5.99, but used a 40% off Coupon)
Chalk Board (I found mine for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot)
Felt Apples (I found mine for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot)


This was the wreath that I had on my door for Summer/Baby Fox's Birthday Party

When I striped it all down this is what I was left with:

So now that you have a blank wreath again, let's get started!

Step 1:

First you need to intertwine the red burlap ribbon throughout the wreath. This is the same technique that I have used for all of the other wreaths. I start from the back and push the ribbon through to the front. Or if you don't want to look at the picture I put together a video that shows you exactly what to do.

Always start with a loop.

Turn to back side and push the ribbon through to the front side.

Front Side, pulling the loop through

If you want to put some ribbon in the middle, don't be afraid to push some of the brown burlap aside  so you can get the ribbon where you need it.

 Then continue to do that all around until you have use all of the ribbon. Confession: I got the end and realized I used too much in the beginning so I just undid some of the beginning part so I could space it out a little better.

Now your wreath looks like this:

Step 2:

Next, I took the red apple garland and cut off the string part, so I just had the apples.

Since I want to keep using this same Burlap Wreath base, I knew I didn't want to hot glue these guys onto the wreath, instead I glued on some flower wire to the back sides of the apples.

Once the wire was on the apples, I just had to put them through the burlap and push down, no need to twist them since the putting them through the mesh of the burlap is enough to hold it down.

So now the wreath looks like this:

Step 3:

Now to add the cute crayon chalk board that I found. When I initially found these, I thought that I would be using them for a 1st day of school chalk board, but I ended up getting something else for that, and saw that they were the same exact size as the inside of the wreath, perfect! I used the plastic tab at the top to string some ribbon through it so I could attach it to the wreath on the back side.

I then googled some back to school phrases, I ended up picking one of the very first ones I saw "Let Today Be The Start Of Something New" I just love that, the beginning of a new school year, Fall, all just reminds of me starting over and getting a fresh start.

The finished product, in total I think this took me about 40 minutes to do, and of that had to do with having to stop to take pictures after I did everything.

I just love the way it looks on my front door, with the black background. Perfect for the start of a new school season.

There you have it, three steps to creating a Fall/Back To School Wreath.

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