Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites #85

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! We made it! For whatever reason this seemed like a rather long week. Maybe because my birthday was on Tuesday and I always feel a birthday is best on the weekend, so maybe my mind just kept thinking it was the weekend...but alas I still have 3 more days of work. Darn. Anyways, some things that were my favorite this week.

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Baby Fox started Kindergarten on Monday, how did this happen? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was born? But nope, he's now 5.5 and ready to start Kindergarten and even appeased me and took obligatory pictures.

So that sign I made... I bought these really cool Chalk Markers...that are supposed to be erasable...they're not. Does anyone have really good Chalk Markers?

Waiting in line with the other kids.

Waving goodbye...sniff, sniff...he held it together, I almost lost it. There was this moment when Baby Fox had this look in his eye that he was going to cry, but I hugged him, told him it would be okay and that his teacher was really nice, and it worked and he held it together, so I did too.

School pick up, his teacher releasing him to me...he was super happy to see me waiting for him at the gate. Although this picture says otherwise.

We survived the first day of Kindergarten and the rest of the week went well. He says the days are long, although he goes to Kinder for less time that preschool, but more days. I'm sure we'll get the hang of it. We celebrated with some ice cream with the grandparents.

It was my birthday! Mr. and the kids had told me they had a great surprise for my birthday, weeks leading up to it...they were so stinkin' excited. Guess what it was? It was a yarn scavenger hunt! Just like in the Frozen Short, have you seen it? It's on Netflix if you haven't. Anyway, this is what I saw when I walked into the door.

The pink yarn was Mini Fox's and the blue was Baby Fox's and they had to work together so that they strings stayed together. Mr. said it was super cute s they both figured out where to go next.

First it lead me upstairs.

To this cute little project.

Then over to Mr.'s Office.

Where I found these adorable wind chims.

Then off around the bike...psych! It was a trick! They just thought they were so cleaver.

Now back out to Mini Fox's room. Where she made me this.

And a crown for the day...except I think she secretly wants it back.

Then off to Baby Fox's Room where I got to open this gift up.

It was a pretty platter, can't wait to use it!

Then back down stairs, with a few more tricks and I ended up in the Family room.

Over the weekend we watched my "niece" (actually my cousins daughter) while they went to a concert. They kids had such a blast together, but like I said yesterday, they stayed up till MIDNIGHT! How they did that, I'm not too sure, and then woke up a little before 7am...yikes!

They spent the night and then we all walked down to Starbucks for some breakfast.

And then walked over to the park for the kids to play a bit.

Then headed back home for some swimming, man these kids are just a bundle of energy!

Mr. and the kids worked on their acrobatics.

So much fun hanging out with family and getting some good one-on-one time with them. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

As always, some videos around the internet that I've been loving.

Taking a pool float to a whole new level.

I think I need that picnic bench, how cool is that? And the neat.

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