Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites #107

Monday: Kids Behind the Blog - March Edition
Wednesday: Maxi Dress Combo and How I Tease My Hair
Thursday: Girl Chat - Luck

Bonus Thursday: Over on The Blended Blog talking about styling a pearl necklace two ways

Don't forget to watch my new Hair 101 video series I've started. So far we've covered how to use a bobby pin and how to tease your hair, if you have any requests let me know and I'll work on it for you!

Last weekend was the started our first baseball season. Practices on Friday and games on Saturdays. Next weekend Mini Fox starts soccer so we're going to be knee deep in kid sports in a week...

Baby Fox was the cutest little baseball player ever.

Getting ready for pictures:

Then came opening parade all the kids were too cute.

Then a couple of hours later we played the longest game ever...who knew 4 innings would take 2 hours!

He loved it and can't wait for his next practice and game today and tomorrow.

This past week we did a playdate on Sunday, it was so much fun, just us mom and the kids. The play place we went to was super small, so no matter where you were standing you could see your kids, so we actually got to chat...which was great for a change. And I only took one picture, darn. The kids were so cute too. This girl is showing me good form.
Then we headed to lunch, the kids were great and we got to chat some more.
That night we got invited to go see a show at the Improv, it started out shaky but had me laughing at parts. So happy to have found some friends where we live that we can go on double dates with. Super hard to find other couples with kids where everyone gets along right?


As always, I'm linking up with The Blended Blog on Friday Loves, where we link up our favorite things from around the blog world. Because we all know we need just one more blog to read on the daily.

I loved how these four ladies copied each others looks. Each of them did a fabulous job styling outfits that looked like each other. Check out who copied who.

I just discovered Cecila's blog recently and she has the best crafts, DIY's, recipes, home stuff, what can she not do? She has a series of 15 minutes fixes and this week she show cased a St. Patrick's Day pennant banner. Super cute and most stuff you probably have on hand, why am I even buying this stuff from the $1/$3 section of Target, I could just make it!

As always, some videos I've been loving this week. This one made me cry...happy tears. We as mothers are so hard on ourselves, we ONLY see what we do wrong, how we feel inside, meanwhile all the little humans we're raising, really only see the good things we do and rarely remember the mistakes. So cut yourself some slack, I know I'm going to try to.

This was super cute, they bought fast food and then had to reinvent it into different food, and then serve it to someone...they are the cutest couple, and awesome singers too, so there's that.

What are you up to this weekend? We have baseball and ballet...then we'll see what other kind of trouble we can get ourselves into.
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