Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk: Let's Catch Up

Linking up with Ashley & Erika for...Tuesday Talk, where we get to talk about anything we want, hey I'm always up for talking about anything and everything.

I love a topic where we get to talk about anything and everything. This weekend was a blast, my Mother In Law came into town to help celebrate Mr. and it happened that the kids both had sports so she was able to catch both games. Of course the universe couldn't totally work out, and both kids games pretty much started at the same time. But we got her to both things, and she got to see them play, which made me happy.

Got a Kick out of this is a video of Mini Fox, the first kick off of the season, her very first time playing. The coach told her to stand right here, you know for the kick off...she took that literal and didn't move. It was the funniest thing ever! I can only imagine what it looked like live.

Happy about Spring, it's one of my favorite seasons of the year...mostly because we get lots of flowers blooming and pretty much always have something in the kitchen window.
We also get to start swimming...and this year I vow to get in the pool more.
Sad that my last allergy shot didn't go! I was on maintenance mode (meaning I only have to go in once a month, instead of twice a week), and I had a large reaction and now I have to go back to going a little more often...once a week, but still annoying as all get out.
This is about 10 hours after my shot and the itchiness lasted for about 10 days...not normal.  My other arm looked almost the same.
Happy that we've started going on double dates with people. We found a baby sitter we really like for when my parents can't help out and we're going out...woo hoo! We already have two more set up over the next few weeks.
A couple of weeks ago I was trying to get pictures of the kids in their Valentine's Day outfits (a little late, but needed to get it for the yearly calendar we give to the grandparents) and I have seriously never gotten so mad at Baby Fox. It was a rough day, then after that he was just being...arg! Sometimes this parenting thing is hard! See those two wet spots on Baby Fox's shirt? Yep where he wiped his tears...
Happy that I won't have to travel for work for a bit, at least I hope so, although I might have just jinxed myself...
Dreaming about going back to Utah to eat these donuts:
and see this view again:
Surprised that I still have 14 teams in out of 16 for my March Madness did that happen?

Annoyed at having to organize the messed up legos  sets...can I tell you how annoying it is to find one small round piece in that pile? At least Baby Fox and Elsa helped me a bit.

Grateful that this list contains more happy things then sad and unhappy things. What's been going on in your world?
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