Thursday, June 29, 2017

10 Daily Habits

When I saw Becky do this, I knew I had to participate in it too. Each month there is a topic to discuss and it's numbered, there is nothing better then that. Seriously, here are the topics for the rest of the year. Okay so I'm a little early on this one, but better early than never? Right? Thanks Erin for hosting. Today's topic is all about 10 daily habits we have.

Okay let's get started:

1. After I get up, re-set alarm for Mr. to wake up.

2. Turn water in sink on to get hot, while that is happening go to the restroom, wash hands and brush teeth. Sometimes it will be hot by the time I brush my teeth, so I turn off the water

3. Check to make sure blog post went live if it is during the work week, link up to link ups if applicable.

4. If during the work week, put on enough make up to not make me look dead, weekends I have a bit more time and do a more full face.

5. Workout if time permits, typically that is 3-4 days a week, although I would prefer it to be 5-6 days, but eh, such is life.

6. Spend some time reading to the kids before bed.

7. Give each other blessings, this is when we each give each other intentional blessings for the night and hugs. We all give them to each other. Baby Fox and Mini Fox cannot go to sleep without blessings and will ask whoever is there to give them to them too, it's super cute.

8. Spend some quality time with Mr. after the kids go to bed, Mr. and I make intentional time for each other. Usually we watch one show before hitting the hay.

9. Make my lunch for the next day. I bring my breakfast and lunch to work probably 95% of the time.

10. I wish I could write in daily devotional, but as of right now, I don't, I should start that...yes, perhaps starting July I will do that. I will keep you posted. I actually carry one around in my purse, there is no reason not to read it.

So what are some of your daily habits? Anything I need to pick up? And yes, you read that right, I do not drink coffee, I go to bed around 11:30pm, wake up at 4:20am and don't drink any caffeine, I have no idea how I do this.

Here are the topics in case you want to join in.

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