Thursday, June 15, 2017

5 Tips To Reach Your Weightloss Goal

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Happy Thursday Foxy Friends! I had mentioned here that I wanted to try and lose a few vacation pounds I gained back in November, oops! Summer is here and my shorts are just slightly tight, so I need to get back in shape and stop eating so much candy...perhaps I should stop buying it first, haha. Anyway, here are 5 tips I'm going to use to try and keep on track besides the whole eating healthy, blah blah blah, we all know that, it's what else you do that makes the eating healthy a little easier.

Tip 1: Motivation

You need something to motivate you to want to lose the weight. I found that I was in this loop of wanting to lose the last few pounds and wanting candy or ice cream more, and ice cream would ALWAYS win. So I put myself on a self imposed shopping ban. I knew that I needed a reason to keep motivated, plus with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale happening towards the end of July, it gave me the motivation I need to lose it before that happens. Pick something that you really, really like, and then ban it for a few weeks, next time you see that donut or cake you think, this is not going to get me towards my goal of shopping that anniversary sale.

Tip 2: Outfit

Okay let's get real, if we look cute, we're more motivated to actually do the work. Cute clothes = working out mojo. One of my favorite brands is Fabletics, I know you see it splashed all over the place, but seriously I own several pieces and they are so comfortable! I own a pair of pants, that my dad has deemed the pants he will not be seen in public with me (I wear them any chance I get when I know he's going to be around). Even before I was approached for this post, I was a member and have gotten a lot more than I probably should have. Now that it's summer I'm hoping to grab some new shorts, but see Tip 1...not before I reach my goal.

Here are the pants my dad loathes, the reason why I love them, they're loud, they have every color under the sun so no matter what shirt I wear it's always going to match. My only regret is not getting them in the shorts, because they did have them, dang.

Okay so my shoes don't match the shirt, but when you find shoes that fit your feet and are comfortable you don't care what color they come in. This whole outfit is from Fabletics, shirt, sports bra and top. All comfortable, I wish someone was home to take a picture of the back, it's super cute and the reason why I got it.

Here are some of pieces I'm loving right now, the sheer side pants are so dang cute, and then the second pair have lots of color in it, so you too can wear any shirt and it will match. Those shorts? Perfect for the summer months. I know where my next subscription money is going. If you want to sign up use my referral code, you can get two leggings for $24 and I get some cash to spend too. We all win. Trust me once you try these leggings, you won't want to go back, they are thick, so they show no underwear lines and the wash like a dream. I've washed those leggings no less than 30 times already and still looking brand new.
Tip 3: Find A Class You Enjoy

I like doing workout classes because I push myself WAY harder then I would working out on my own. Like no way I'm letting that 60 year do more reps than me. I found one at my gym called R.I.P.P.E.D, that is AMAZING, each letter stands for something. Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance. Here's a video that I found from the owner, who happens to try out all of their new routines on the class I's awesomly hard, but so fun that we get to see what's coming up before anyone else in the world.

I went to class night and grabbed a picture with them. They are what make the class fun, they're enthusiasm is contagious and you can't help but want to do your best for them. All sweaty and gross after class.

Tip 4: Have a workout Plan B

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Sometimes you can't get to a class, I get that, so I like to do some workout videos if I can. If I have 30 minutes I'll do one of the 21 Day Fix videos or 30 Day Shred.

But sometimes I have 10-15 minutes and you know what? I figure doing something is better than nothing, so I will throw on a YouTube Video and do that for a bit. There are so many out there to chose from. Here is my playlist from YouTube that I go to when I can't think of anything else to do. Although I have been doing 4-5 of Fitness Marshall dance videos, have you seen him? Hilarious and it actually works you out in the meantime. You may or may not see me and some of the Blended Blog girls doing a video to one of them come the July 24th. Wait for it, it's going to be awesome.

Tip 5: Put It Out There

I think the hardest thing is doing this alone. You are not alone, tell your family and friends what you are trying to accomplish. For one, they will probably cheer you on and encourage you when you need it most, plus if you say it out loud it's more likely that you will actually do something. For example every other time I never said anything on the blog, but now that I'm saying it, it's like I have to follow through, else I'll just look like someone who gave up. I can do this! Saying it out loud makes it more real, and will most likely make you actually do something about it.

Have any other tips for losing the weight?

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