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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I know, I know, this has been done to death, but hey there is still 6 days of the sale and you never know if you find something that you haven't seen yet. So I'm linking up with some other The Blended Blog ladies and we're all showing you what we got at the #nsale.

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Lounge Wear

1 // 2 // 3  // 4  // 5

Not part of the sale, but I also have it in another style in blue/grey that's how comfy these things are. I wear #2 to on every flight, so much so that I got it in another color. I wear it all the time, but dark blue doesn't always go with everything, so i got a dark grey color.

I have to apologize for all of the pictures, I did this about 30 minutes before we left for our trip, I opened the boxes, threw on the clothes and took quick pictures.

I haven't gotten everything yet, and I didn't think you wanted to see me in #3 and #5, so here is #4 they could be one of the softest PJ's ever! I highly recommend them, I'm showing some self restraint and not buying them in any and all colors.

I really wanted to get these and these but thought I should start with these first and see how it goes. But both of them, look like great choices as well.


1 / 2 / 3  / 4 / 5  / 6  / 7

I haven't received all of them as of yet, but I have received two of them #1 and #5

#1 is SUPER comfortable, I highly recommend!

#5 is super soft, but was just too long on me and I knew I wouldn't wear something this long and tight. But a very good basic tee if that's your thing.

  1  / 2  /  3 / 4  /  5 /  6 /  7 

Here's the low down on the dresses.  This one is SUPER cute in the picture, but it was so tight on my arms I felt like I was in a straight jacket. Had to return.

This is in a size small, I wasn't sure what size I was going to be in this, sometimes I size up to get the length. I'm not sure how I feel about this dress. I don't think it does much for the figure, ya know?

Here it is in medium. Again I think it doesn't so much for the figure, so I think I'll return it. I saw it on a friend and it look fantastic on her, goes to show not everything looks good on everyone.

This one I REALLY like, something I don't have, and it eases me into the off the shoulder thing, but wondering if it's too young for me? Does this make me look like I am old trying to be young? Give me your thoughts, it is sitting in my think about it pile.

I have always wanted a jumper. I love this one, but Mr. saw it and said, hell back it goes. I think it's the length, maybe if it was above the knee, way above the knee it would look better.

It's a pants suite! I know, crazy right? I think it's super cute.

This is another one, where I'm not sure if it's me trying to be too young? I think it's super cute, something I don't already own, but maybe it's just a little too big? But that's the style right?


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I ended up getting #3

And #4. I find that if I buy regular size cropped jeans, they are perfect length for me, yep my legs are that short!

I really wanted  #1 and these but they were out of my size before the sale was public to everyone, so I missed out, but I am watching them to see if they every do go on sale! I love this brand, so if you're in the market for some great black jeans, these are your best bet.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Oh shoes, how I love thee, I can't even stand it. I finally made the decision to get the Frye boots, they have the wide calf, yay! But what I didn't expect, that they would be too tall, what should be at riding boot, was more like over the knee boot, waaahhh!! After 3 years, I finally make the decision and they don't fit, darn! So I went with the Tory Burch sandal. I haven't received them yet, so I'm really hoping that they work out. If they don't, then I'm going to get the flats. So there's that. 5 isn't in the Anniversary sale, but defninitely deserves a mention. They were in the sale last year, and my friend got them and loves them. She gets compliemnts on them every time she wears them. And they are so comfy that she bought all three colors. Another friend of ours has two colors based off of her raving review. So I HAD to get a pair too, they're only $59.99! What a deal right? And I have to admit, they are really comfortable as far as heels go. They are in this picture with a dress.

And this picture with pants.

Random things, I really want, but can't afford everything

1 /  2 / 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 8

As I am typing this, I think I might go get the clutch for some friends for Christmas, and then maybe I will get the Living Proof shampoo, I just got their dry shampoo recently to try and it's pretty dang awesome, I'm assuming their shampoo is just as awesome. Now that I'm returning some stuff, I think it's totally justifiable to buy some more right?

So what did you get? Anything I need to get that I missed? Hop on over to Allison to see what she got!

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