Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites #139

Happy Friday! Today is my day off, taking a Dance Jam class to learn how to do the Thriller Dance, so fun! I have two left feet, but it's fun to try and learn. Then I'm off to take Mini Fox to the doctors...with promises of Corner Bakery she's totally okay with her elbow being frozen. Okay let's get to today's favorites.

Monday: $10 Target Halloween Decoration Haul
Tuesday: The Best French Onion Soup
Wednesday: 7 Fall Outfits/ Common Threads Challenge
Thursday: 3 More Family Outfit Ideas

Remember when I told you on Monday that I had another thing I wanted to decorate with but didn't have it ready for Monday? Well I finished it and here it is! I made bats with my Cricut!

So fun right?

Saturday we drove 20 minute to go to a play place to realize it was closed to the public that day, who knew...but now we do...then we decided to check out this new place, and guess where it was? Just down the street from where I lived...doh! Full circle man. Anyway it a trampoline place meets Ninja awesome. I didn't get a pass for me to participate, but you better believe I'm joining in next time!

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday, man was it a ZOO. It took us 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot when we were done, plus it was 90°, which made for some cranky kids. We got probably a 1/3 of the photos we normally get, heck I didn't even get a picture of just my family, oops!

We were going to head to the beach, but ended up at the pool gym instead. Mini Fox took her swim test, and passed! So proud of her, now we don't have to be within 10 feet of her at all times.

The coveted yellow bracelet that let's the kids go anywhere in the pool.

In other big news. Baby Fox got to finally go down the slide. Mr. sweet talked the life guard to ignore that last 1/4 he missed the height requirement by. I think they went down 20 times before the shift change...the new lady wasn't as forgiving...

Then we headed home and a friend came over so we could craft a bit...doesn't everyone travel with their Circuts?

We let the kid run a muk while we crafted, it was awesome.

As always, linking up with The Blended Blog for Friday Loves, which we share other bloggers that we've been loving this week.

As you know the last few months TBB has been doing Q&A's, we ask you answer. It's a simple post for  Monday morning. Plus we have fun prompts for the Mondays in November and we actually got our act together and have all of the prompts for November, so get to planning! Can't wait to see you there!



Yesterday was Shelly's birthday, and I just love her post and how she broke down each year of life and the significant thing that happened in it...So going to do this for my next big birthday! Great idea Shelly! Now go check out what happened to Shelly the last 48 years.

Work from home? Finding it hard to get the motivation to get dressed? JeeYoung from Simply Every has every closet staple you'll need to create a work from home wardrobe. Here are a few she mentioned, go check out her post to see the rest!

This is the coolest ever! How awesome would it be to be that talented, I have no idea how I would use that talent to make money, but super cool!

These are so super fun. If only Baby Fox liked pizza I would totally make these for the kids.

Since we're on a Halloween kick, this lady can transform into any cool is this?

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