Monday, November 6, 2017

TBB Asks: November Edition

How did I blink and now it's November? Crazy how time flies. Alright let's get to the questions. This month the theme is Thanksgiving. So all of the questions revolve around that theme.

Things I'm Thankful for:

1. A new friend

We bought our house in an older neighborhood and we're so happy that it's starting to turn over, we've waited 8 years for this! We recently made a new friend, as in a group text was sent out to go to a random park in our city and I showed up, super out of my comfort zone, but we ended up watching the Dodger game at their house on Tuesday. Happy to have friends in my neighborhood.

2. Something shiny

3. Someone unexpected

My Cricut. I know it's a funny thing to be thankful for, but I'm loving that I can make my friends things. I finally (after owning it for almost a year), tried to do something with Heat Transfer Vinyl and it tuned out amazing! I love it, so far I've made 8 shirts with it...apparently I have a lot of friend having babies, haha!

Plus I added a little something extra, to let people know I made it for them :) How cute is this little sleeping fox?

4. Something ordinary

The Wet Brush, totally changed the game for brushing Mini Fox's hair. So great.

5. A person you've known a long time

My bestie from college. She recently moved in the area I live in and I'm so happy she's here. Now we can plan a dinner out and not have it have to be a whole weekend. Yay! Now to get less busy so we can see each other more1

6. Somewhere you go everyday

Home, each day I got home from work I am thankful for my family and the home that we have.

7. Someone who's taught you something

Mr. he's taught me communication. Before we met, I never talked about my feelings and bottled it all up and then one day I would just explode. He has gotten me to talk more about how I feel, which is really good for relationships in general.

8. A far-away place

Thankful for this summer and being able to travel a bit with the kids. Granted it's not far away as in a plane ride or anything, but they were fairly long car rides and the kids did great. Looking foward to so many more adventures with them.

9. Something that's saving your life right now

Advil Cold and Sinus...haha. Really, if any of you have any sinus issues, take two of these every 4 hours. It's a miracle I tell ya, totally works and makes you functional. You have to get it behind the counter. Yep I am sick yet again, and taking these helps me get stuff done.

10. Someone you see everyday

My kids, sometimes I feel so frustrated, but then I see other kids around town and think...okay my kids are saints, I feel lucky that they really are good kids 90% of the time.

11. Something you enjoy doing

Blogging, for everyone I have met, especially my Blended Blog Tribe, you ladies are seriously the BEST.

12. Someone female

My mom, who is constantly taking the kids when we need help or are in a pinch.

13. A special place

Bora Bora, so thankful that Mr. was able to take us here for our Honeymoon. In case you didn't know, I didn't know where we were going on our honeymoon, until our wedding day. I just knew that I needed a passport and a few bathing suites.

14. Someone male

My Dad, he really goes above and beyond the call of grandfather duty. He is constantly taking Baby Fox to all of his extra curricular activities. Without him Baby Fox wouldn't be able to do any of the things he does now.  Plus he is always thinking of really great ways to entertain the kids. Like Friday I had the day off, but had to work, while the kids were in school, but Mini Fox's school got cancelled and he stepped in so I could get some work done. He took her to the pet store, library and lunch.

15. Something warm

Thankful for where I live, it's been super warm, so we're getting to enjoy a few more pool days before it gets too "chilly" for us to swim any more. And for getting flours in October.

Here are the rest of the topics for November.

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