Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3 Tips How To Throw A Surprise Party

Hi Foxy Friends! Over the weekend we actually pulled it off and threw a surprise party for my aunt who was turning who was turning 60! I can't believe we did it, seriously, she has her house on serious lock down! Has the Ring doorbell and everything, so there was no way she was leaving the house for any amount of time for us to get the house ready. So without anyone to host the party nearby...we did the next best thing...snuck in and decorated her whole house WHILE she was getting ready. That's right folks, we snuck into her house while she was getting ready to go out (what she thought was to a neighbors house for dinner) and we decorated.

So we did have one advantage, the way her house is laid out, her house is in the back bedroom in the way back of the house, and she usually keeps the TV on really loud so she can listen to the news while she is getting ready. So we had that going for us. As soon as she went back to take a shower my uncle texted us and we were there within seconds, unloading our car. The main decoration was all of these flowers. Since we knew we only had about 30 minutes to get everything set up.

So all that being said here are some tips on how to throw a surprise party.

| TIP 1 |

Don't stress too much about the surprise part. It's nice if it happens the way everyone envisions, with the guest of honor walking in on a dozen family and friends yelling surprise! But you know what? Even if there is just the people setting up yelling surprise it's still a surprise to the person coming.

Like I said, my aunt has her house on lock down, so we snuck in and decorated while she was getting ready. We got all of the flowers out, and the food even came 30 minutes early, and we had all the food out too, so it was even more of a surprise to have a huge buffet full of food set up.

I ended up making a pallet sign for her, and decided Saturday morning to have everyone sign the back. It ended up super cute.

| TIP 2 |

If your guest of honor is home when you are there, less is more. We went big with the flowers, but if you have more time, these 5 steps on how to throw the best party are helpful. I would have loved to go big with a ton of decorations but I knew our limitations and was aware of it.

| TIP 3 |

Enjoy the process, go with the flow, in the end you're doing something super nice for the person you love and no matter if they find out, like my sister did when I tried to throw her a 40th surprise party and she was going to back out of going to the "dinner" I had planned, and ended up telling her. It was still a surprise at the moment and she was thankful in the end I made her go.

Now go out and plan the perfect surprise party! It will be worth it!


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