Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Favorites #178

Happy Friday! Today Baby Fox is getting an award at school. I have no idea what it is, so I guess you'll find out next week! So lets get started:

In case you missed it this week:

Monday: 10 Fall Staples
Tuesday: Unicorn Birthday Party
Wednesday: Camo Work Outfit

And I also posted my FabFitFun unboxing video on my Youtube Channel. See a full list of what I got in the description box in the video.

Baby Fox's game got postponed till this week, so we were able to go to his first karate tournament. He did fantastic! He won 2nd place in sparring, pretty good considering he was going up against kids 2 belts higher.

So sad this picture turned out blurry...

Mini Fox started her 3 season of soccer, and did great! She was such a trooper, her team is 6 players, but two of them never played, so Mini Fox and the other 3 boys played the ENTIRE complaints, just kept on running. Yep she's on a co-ed team.

Mostly the weekend was party prepping. You can see how I decorated here. Some of the pictures you didn't see.

Lots of kids swimming.

Only 3 of the 5 candles would light.

But she loved it anyway.

and then of course we had to do a family picture.

And a group shot.

And then the pinata...holy cow that was a hit!

Me my mom and sister.

I would consider this party a success. Everyone had a great time, I didn't stay up TOO late decorating and I got to take Monday off from work, wins all around!

This is one of the coolest dances ever. If I watched this show I would have voted for them a million times if I could!

Oh my goodness, this is so funny!

What do you think of a 245 day cruise? It only costs $93,000 a person! 59 countries...I feel like I would just get fat eating so much, haha! And how does that many people have that much money to fill up a whole cruise ship?

Now head on over to The Blended Blog to link up your Friday favorites! What on your agenda this weekend? We're are headed to my Aunt and Uncles to run in a charity run for Breast Cancer reconstruction. We did it once before here, and we're doing it again, this time it's a little closer to the heart.

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