Monday, September 3, 2018

TBB Asks September

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Monday and happy Labor Day, I know many of us are off enjoying family's right now, but what's the first Monday of the month without a little #TBBASKS? This month is all about Cozy and getting ready for Fall.

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1. Slippers:  Yes or No? Yes, during the Winter months. And I prefer slippers that are more like thongs, because I suffer from that girl thing where I have a comfort zone of  2 degrees. Those last ones, I like because the back of your foot is free so they are easy to slip off.

2. What is your favorite blanket? The really soft ones from Costco are pretty awesome, and they are cheap.

3. Thin or thick pillow?  I think I am a middle of the road kind of girl. Currently I have feather synthetic pillow from Target. I have no idea which one..I went around squeezing them and then picked out the one that had the best squeeze.

4. Favorite warm beverage? I'm not one for warm beverages...but if I have to choose...I guess I'll go apple cider? Truth be told I've only had this maybe 2-3 times in my life.

5. Robe: Yes Or No? No, I feel like the sleeve length always gets in my way. Anyone have an awesome robe they like? I typically will wear this if I am cold in the house and already have my Pj's on.

6. Favorite comfort snack food(s)? I really like popcorn, like a LOT. Is that considered comfort food? Not sure, but it is in my book.

7. Movies or TV Series Binge? Depends, but lately we've been finding netflix shows to watch. We won't/haven't ever really binged watched movies. Once when we first got married we watched all three Tremors, but haven't done that since. So I guess we're TV series bingers.

8. Actual PJ's or Leggings? PJ's all the way. These are my favorite brand.

9.  Do you cozy up on the couch or chair? Couch...we have a super big couch, so there is plenty of space there.

10. Hoodie, t-shirt or sweater? Hmmm...not sure how to take this question...I guess I really like that sweater I pointed out in question 5 to get cozy with (staying with the theme), so let's go with sweater.

Now head on over to The Blended Blog and link up your answers, or comment down below and let us know what you prefer!

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