Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How To Talk About Adoption - From An Adoptee

Linking up with Shay and  Erika for another random discussion. Last year they did a Workin' It them, and this year they are doing How We theme. I love it. This month they are chatting about talking to adoption to kids. Now I have no adopted any children...yet, but I do have some experience as I am ONE of the kids that has been adopted. I write a little about being adopted and my top asked questions here.

Meet my family.

Front row: Mr., Mini Fox, My Mom, Me
Second Row: Brother, Baby Fox, Sister, Dad

So today's topic is talking about adoption to kids, I thought I would share my experience as someone who is adopted. Obviously my parents couldn't hide that I was adopted...Hello I'm Korean, they are most definitely not. My brother and sister (if you have a question about that, I answered that question you might have here) are also adopted, my sister being 5 years older than me and my brother being 9 months younger than me. Yep my mom went from 1 to 3 kids in 6 months.

My parents were always open and honest with all of us being adopted. There was never a time when we didn't know. From babies they would talk about how we were adopted, even though we couldn't talk or fully understand they were constantly telling us how lucky they were to adopt us. All of my cousins knew too, it was something that we all talked about. We read Horton Hatches The Egg a lot. At the end, my mom would always say: see it doesn't matter that the bird laid the egg, Horton was the one who loved and cared for the egg. Even though I didn't carry you, I love you just as much even more than any mother/father could and am so thankful everyday to God for him sending us you. 

Now that I am older, we have always told Baby Fox and Mini Fox that I am adopted and so is Uncle M and Auntie N. We have told them that our birth parents couldn't take care of us and that they did the most selfless thing they could, and gave us to Nana and Ampa (Grandpa), so that they could love and care for us. That Nana and Ampa couldn't have kids of their own, and they wanted kids so badly so they adopted the three of us.

Also my parents were ALWAYS super open with us about questions we might have. Every once in a while, they would ask us, do you have any questions about adoption? Just in case we didn't want to bring up the subject. They would be super supportive if any of us wanted to find our birth parents, although in my sister and brothers case they know way more information than they do mine. That's their story to tell, not mine.

So that's how my parents told us we were adopted. I know this was sort of a prompted post, but any other topic of adoption you want me to discuss? I'm pretty much an open book and no question is stupid, seriously, if you thought it then I'm sure others have too. Ask away!

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