Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sentence A Day: October Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Once a month we link up our one sentence a day for a month. It's a great way to quickly document your feelings of the day while it's happening. It's a fun way to look back at the month and see everything that has happened. Thank you Rebecca for the idea, an allowing us to run with it as a link up.

1 - Karate, followed by gym, makes for a great day.

2 - Unexpectedly got to go to the gym today, that was nice.

3 - Finally back at R.I.P.P.E.D, to find out it was canceled, darn it, but I took a equally good class, so that worked out.

4 - Got eaten alive at soccer today, my leg is in so much pain.

5 - Plans changed, so to make up for it I took the kids to after school treat, a play place and then we ordered dinner through Door Dash for the very first time, the kids got a kick out of it.

6 - Great day of soccer and watching my cousin play football at the University of Washington vs. UCLA game.

7 - Getting stuff done, laundry, crafting (sometimes I feel like I have craft ADD, I start one craft, to realized I wanted to finish another craft, and then nothing really gets done), but at least I prototyped out our Halloween Costumes and let me tell you, it's awesome!

8 - Crap, getting sick, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not before the trip!

9 - Need to get stuff done before I much to do, so little time, still feeling sick, yuck!

10 -Working from home today to hopefully get some more rest and not be super sick for tomorrow, please don't let me be sick the whole time!

11 - Going to Hilton Head (recap here), but it was the longest travel day of history, 9 hours on a plane, followed by 4 hours in a car, to FINALLY get to the girls.

12 -A day shopping with the girls is a good day indeed, Mr. don't look at the bank account!

13 -A day at the beach and poolside and a fancy dinner out is just what the doctor ordered.

14 -Some more shopping, lunch, shopping followed by some relaxing and a movie with the girls.

15 - Spent some time in Savannah then had to drop Lana off at the airport...waaaahhhh, need to finish all the food and the alcohol before we leave...challenge accepted!

16 - Good-bye friends, looking forward to our trip next year, this time on the West Coast, oh and I had to buy some luggage to get all the stuff I bought home, oops!

17 - Much needed day off to recover from my trip, I might have taken three naps.

18 - Still sick, does anyone see the elephant sitting on my chest?

19 - Boo Bash at Baby Fox's school was so fun, and I went in with a few girls and had the best trunks out there, it made people smile in a sea of scary.

20 -  Soccer, Karate, more soccer, soccer pictures, and then a last minute date night!

21 - Plans changed and it turned to be a "lazy" day, which really means catching up on all things that I have been ignoring the last week, then I took the kids to my parents and they decorated a Halloween house while Mom, Sister and I watched a Hallmark movie.

22 - Feeling better, so I got to walk on the treadmill today, not running yet, but it's a good start.

23 - Pumpkin patch with friends followed by dinner together all for a school fundraiser on a Tuesday, yes please!

24 - Yay finally able to workout's been 2 long weeks of being sick!

25 -Sewing Halloween costumes while the kid is at soccer is what a mom has to do to get it done.

26 -Took the kids to a play place after school, they loved it and a bunch of friends were there too.

27 -Soccer for Mini Fox, then the boys headed off to the ND/Navy game and the girls went to my parents trunk or treat.

28 -Busy day today, church, tried making a crock pot lasanga, friends over for haunted house decorating, followed by pumpkin carving and then a trunk or treat, then back to our house for dinner, woah, long day, but so fun.

29 -Fairly certain that workout instructor is not human, she just keeps going...and going...and going....but it was a good workout and pushed me harder than I would have by myself.

30 - Crap, still have my Halloween Costume to sew...I can do this!

31 - Such a fun time trick or treating and I got all of the costumes done, except one of my cables was bad, so mine didn't work, but at least the kids and Mr. had their costumes!

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