Friday, April 5, 2019

Weekly Favorites #11

Hi Foxy Friends! As you read this I'm at Disneyland, call me crazy I'm taking two kids to Disneyland by myself. And my kids are the type that stays until midnight...wish me luck! I assume the crowds will be crazy, but hey I like a little crazy. Alright let's get started with some Friday Favorites.

Thursday we took Baby Fox to karate and while he was there we headed to the mall to return some stuff. A miracle happened and I return things to three stores and walked out empty all three store, miracle! Although, I made up for it by online shopping this week, oops!

She felt the need to stand with all of the mannequins, it was so cute.

We went to a pizza place for a school fundraiser...I got a pizza, and when I got home, I would have literally eaten anything...and instead I got this...

The only two things I do not like on pizza, pineapple and ham...yuck! Part of my pineapple graveyard.

Friday my brother came to visit, yay! So he was here for Saturday baseball. Baby Fox's team had a rough game, but the kids had fun.

Baby Fox being catcher, he's so cute, he hates the position, but it's so cute.

Meanwhile these two kids had a blast playing the whole time their big brothers played.

Up to bat.

Then we headed over to Mini Fox's game, little kids playing baseball is the cutest.

Afterwards someone brought their pet bunny, of course she had to hold him.

Then our friends kids wanted to come play at our house for a bit. Sure why not.

An epic nerf war broke out...we get series about nerf wars. Yep Mr. got out a ladder to attack from a different angle.

Saturday night we went out for diner with my brother.

Then met up with my parents and sister for some frozen yogurt.


Sunday was church and I was on a mission to go to flower fields, I found a friend that had one in her backyard, I drove up the street to her house, it was awesome!

He was guiding her down the hill because she was scared of falling. So sweet.

This guy wanted in on the action too (her best friend from baseball, and they were at our house the day before).

This week Baby Fox had his very first school presentation.

Also Mr. and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. We celebrated by going to baseball practice for Mini Fox and Cheesecake factory as a family. We wouldn't have it any other way.

OH my gosh this lady randomly appeared on my suggested videos and she is goals! She made 40ish freezer meals in one day, and not that many of them were repeats. She has 10 kids and has it all organized. I'm proud the other day I made 4 freezer meals In 7 hours! She made 40 in 16 hours...need to up my game. Although what she's making my kids won't eat, lol! #pickyeaters

What are you doing this weekend? We have baseball and Mr. is leaving for a business trip for the week, wahhh!!!! Have a great weekend!

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