Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sentence A Day: January Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Yep, we're continuing on with Sentence a Day! Thank you Rebecca Jo for starting this, it's such a neat way to document life. Also thank you Leslie for always sending out the reminders.

1 - Much needed lazy day, but did get a workout in, thanks for being open Gym.

2 - Mini Fox's first horseback riding lesson of the year, Christmas gift, which is only 2 months, then soccer starts.

3 - Power went out yesterday and finally came back on today, but had to throw out the stuff in the fridge, guess that's our new year cleanse, now to start fresh! #silverlining

4 - Busy day, switched kids with friends last night, so we did the kid exchange at the gym, I worked out, then did a family workout with the kids hosted by the gym, then did the rock wall, followed by Costco and then a bunch of household stuff and a nap.

5 - Baby Fox had a busy day of sports, baseball tryouts, followed by football practice, he rocked both of them.

6 - Gym time with the girl while Mr. took Baby Fox to piano.

7 - Happy to be back in a normal routine, but the wake up time is KILLING ME!

8 - Great workout tonight, and Chick-Fil-A is getting rid of my favorite wrap..I'm so sad! Update: see day 15.

9 -Mini Fox's horseback riding lesson and suddenly starts pouring, that was NOT in the forecast!

10 -Baby Fox's first football game and he scored a touchdown, so proud of him!

11 - We had no plans, which means hanging out as a family, doing a few errands and movie watching (Cloud 9, on Disney+, both kids loved it).

12 - Church, followed by seeing Blue Man Group then impromptu dinner, crafting and football watching at a friends house, which starting the 3 days cleanse today was a mistake, the food looked so good!

13 - 2nd day of 3 day cleanse...this is the day I always ask myself why?

14 - Made it to the last day of the cleanse and walked on the treadmill, no HIIT workout today, but walking is better than nothing right?

15 -Back to my favorite workout class and they didn't get rid of my favorite Chick-Fil-A wrap, woo hoo!

16 - Mini Fox's riding lesson got cancelled boo, but finally got some yummy food after my 3 day cleanse, which probably negated all of the work I did, but worth it!

17 - Great Wolf Lodge here we come!

18 - Had a great time with cousins at Great Wolf Lodge, and the miniature golf game was epic.

19 - Finally finishing up cleaning up Christmas, don't judge.

20 - Kids and Mr. went to a food bank on their day off to pack lunches for a couple of hours, while I was at work.

21 - Baby Fox woke up at 3am this morning, lost his tooth in his sleep, he was hoping to lose it at school today, was eating soft foods all weekend, but he lost it 5 hours too early!

22 - Two sick kids home from school...uh oh, hope they recover quickly!

23 - Baby Fox is all better and back to school, Mini Fox not so much.

24 - Another missed day of school for Mini Fox, and off to the doctors we went, to have them tell us it's a virus and it needs to run it's course.

25 - MIL flew in for Baby Fox's first piano recital, he did such a great job!

26 - Mini Fox is still sick...hopefully she's better tomorrow, will she ever get better?! P.S. I'm sick.

27 - Hurray, she finally woke up with no fever, hopefully we are over the hump and on our way to recovery!

28 - And that was nope, doc called and said her strep B test came back positive (oops, sent her to school because she had no fever and was feeling good), off to the pharmacy to get antibiotics before my MNO.

29 - Went to urgent care for myself, I have a sinus infection and bronchitis, on antibiotics and steroids, but I'm not contagious so MNO, yep again, here I come!

30 -Mr. took Mini Fox to horseback riding today, she did so much, it's amazing how much she's grown in the last month.

31 - Busy day, made soup for Souper Appreciation for the teachers at the kids school, donated a bunch of stuffed animals unbeknownst to the kids, got that out of the house quick, then watch Baby Fox at his football game, he rocked it and caught both passes that were thrown to him.

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