Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Favorites #7

 Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! I took two-ish days off this week and it was great! Let's get straight to our favorites, there's a lot this week.

Last Friday Mr. and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. Crazy to think that our marriage can drive! We didn't do much, hung out with some friends, normal Friday night things. No out to dinner yet, but we will as soon as we are both fully vaccinated. I couldn't imagine going through 13+ months of quarantine with anyone else.

While Baby Fox was at his baseball game, this girl went with my parents to see my brother, and she was having such a great time. When did she turn a teenager? She's 7 guys! OH and this outfit, deal of the century! It was originally $58 and then it was marked down to $11, and then because I returned an Amazon thing to Kohl's I got a $5 off coupon. Yep that's right I paid $6 for this jumper! She LOVES it and couldn't wait to wear it to see her uncle.

I need to remember to take pictures of Baby Fox playing baseball, instead of all video. I promised the family I would get donuts twice and didn't follow through, so I finally got it on the first day of Spring Break. I think these might be the best donuts I've had locally. Those chocolate cake donuts, are SO dang good, worth every calorie. Don't worry we shared with my parents and sister. The place told me it was cheaper to get a dozen donuts then to just get the 8 donuts that I wanted.

Easter we went back to Church! We went to my parents church that has this huge grassy area and everyone sat in lawn chairs. It was perfect way to celebrate Easter.

Mini Fox loves sticking her tongue out in pictures.

The Easter bunny at our house comes while you're at church, he knows when you go and comes to your house while you are gone. They kids couldn't wait to see if he came after church.

He came and gave them some great goodies.

Yearly family Easter pictures.

There's that tongue again....

My parents, forgot to get a picture of all of us, darn.

Wednesday we finally got to see our cousins. It's been a long 13 months. We have never gone that long without seeing each other. The kids were so dang excited.

Yes the water was freezing, but they went in anyways.

Yes the beach was really this empty. All the adults were wearing sweatshirts. Forgot to take a picture of us...ooops.

Back again this week linking up on IG for the #styleacrossthestates. This week the prompt was styling jeans. I decided to show you my go to favorite look, I either wear it with jeans or shorts, what I wear almost daily...that is if I get dressed out of my workout clothes.

I might own this shirt in no less than 8 colors, and when it wears out I buy it again. They are light weight but are not see through. They are thin, so if you aren't careful they will get those holes near the bottom. But I'm pretty good about doing the half tuck so my jean button doesn't rub against the shirt. I'm sort of obsessed with light wash jeans right now too. 

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Jeans (similar) / Shirt / Shoes

chain bracelet (similar) / white bracelet (similar) / gold beaded (similar)

Most likely I'm probably wearing a sweater, so I add any sort of long cardigan with it. This is currently my favorite and is probably the softest thing you'll ever wear. Oh my gosh, I just went to look it up, and it comes in so many different patterns, there is a pumpkin one, I think I NEED it!

And here is my daily dose of me trying to pretend I'm a model and posing in a different spot then I normally do.

Alright, that's all I have...oh wait here is the status of Baby Fox's black eye from last week. Getting better everyday.

And with that picture I'll leave you to your weekend! Hope you have a great one! We don't have much planned, some dinner with friends and that's about it.

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