Thursday, April 29, 2021

Perfect Amazon Shorts and Plain White Tee

 Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm sharing those shorts I was talking about on Friday from Amazon. I think EVERYONE needs a pair of them, they are less than $30, and are so comfy and stretchy. Perfect for summer, which is quickly approaching. They come in several different colors and one other distressing style. I think I might have to grab another pair. Oh did I mention they have over 6,000 4.4 star reviews? That's pretty good for Amazon clothes in my book.

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Shorts / Tee / Sandals (Similar) / Necklace / Bracelets (similar)

I have been looking for a white tee for so long, this one is perfect. It's thin, so it's perfect for those hot summer months, but not see through. As long as you wear a nude bra, you're good to go. I've been wearing this non stop since I got it.

The necklace was my anniversary gift from Mr. My instructions to him, I wanted a dainty necklaces I could wear everyday. I think he delivered nicely. It's my go to, and I love that Mr. picked it out for me.

What is your go to white tee? Anything I need to check out?

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